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  Justin Pierce vs. Angelo Damato  


Justin's neck gets crunched

Angelo taunts Justin

Grappling for a gut wrench

Justin's specialty leg split

Once You Learn to Ride...

It's another return, though fans may not realize it. Justin worked more matches in the last 3 years than anyone, enough that we were able to continue releasing new footage even as he concentrated on other aspects of his life (don't worry--we still have plenty, including some matches many fans have been begging to see for years). "Been a while since I've been here," Justin shares as he and Angelo enter the mat room. Angelo is more than willing to help hone his skills, as the two practice holds and throws. Off come the sweats and shirts. "Wow, you've been working out," Angelo notes, amazingly, the first person to note Justin's assets. Justin assumes the ref's position; collegiate grappler Angelo rides him for long minutes before Justin escapes. It's a move and counter stalemate, until Angelo scores out of the blue. "Tell me you're not taking it easy on the new guy," visibly pleased Angelo teases. Not a prob: Justin prefers fighting uphill. Angelo is clearly more technically skilled, but Justin's stronger, and with his BGE experience has learned some moves the NCAA would never permit. Wrestling is like biking: once you learn to ride, you never fall off.

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Justin Pierce vs. Angelo Damato
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Angelo goes for a spladle

Justin's camel stranglehold

Neck-crank and arm bar

Angelo goes for a pin

Justin caught in a body scissors

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