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  Skip Vance vs. Mike Martin*  

Skip crunched, crotch bashed

Mike sits deep into a full boston

Skip wedged, yanked by his hair

MIke nibbles on Skip's ear

Skip need a refreshing dip? Mike's pool-side push-up headscissors.

These Abs Were Made For Stomping

Golden haired Skip Vance in his sunny yellow bikini was doing his crunches, working on his very impressive abs in preparation for a match with a guy he's watched and, um, 'admired' on video more times than he'd care to confess! The object of his frequent fascination, British lightweight bruiser Mike Martin struts up and greets his great fan with a big foot to the crotch! Shocked, Skip tries to rise to the occasion but is easily headlocked and taken down to the mat by the bigger and stronger Martin, who then applies a standing head scissors! On his knees and trapped in Mike's strong legs, Skip's looking pretty pathetic.

To Skip's credit, he does not immediately submit, to either Mike's punishments or to his repeated attempts to humiliate and generally raise the ire of the cute 'twink'. Skip's cocky quips, punky attitude, cute look and newly minted muscled all combine to create a fan-favorite total package. And truth be told, there's more behind Mike's aggression than just a desire to defeat a yank prettyboy! He taunts and torments the stone lighter blonde boy, the creative punishments becoming increasingly more aggressive and suggestive. Skip resists as long as he can, hold after painful hold, until the cumulative effects of Mike's scissors, hair pulling, slaps and stomps finally forces a screaming submission.

But Skip is no roll-over jobber. He puts up a good fight no matter who the opponent. He's also dreamed about this match for a long, long time and traveled all the way to Florida in hopes it happening. He's not about to have it end quickly when he really wants it to go on forever! He recollects himself, flips the brutal little Brit, locks his long tan muscular legs around the Mike's torso then squeezes his balls until tMike concedes the equalizing submission! More annoyed than angry, Martin lifts the lightweight, goes from bear hug to a boston crab, making sure the twink knows who's in charge here! Mike sits deep into a reverse schoolboy pin, straddling the young wrestler's face and delivers gut punch after gut punch to those freshly worked upon abs. He traps Skip's legs and folds and presses him smother his face, then eposes his butt and doles out a spanking! Mike's message: there can only be one top here. This is getting hot, hot, HOT!!! Page 2, please!

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Skip Vance vs. Mike Martin*
32 minutes
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