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  Jake Jenkins vs. Jayden Mayne  

Jake Jenkins - 5'7, 158

Tied up and taunted with a foot

Jake struggles in a full nelson

If you cant beat him, choke him!

Jakes rides Jayden's leg and butt as he cranks on the pressure with a single leg half crab

Hate Is a Strong Word

Jayden Mayne, like a lot of BG East wrestlers right now, wants to wrestle Jake Jenkins. The reasons are complicated, but for most it boils down to fans. Jake has a lot of them just now, and he won them in a very short span of time. On one level, a match with Jake means a lot of Jake's fans will buy the disk the match is on, thus increasing exposure for whoever squares off against him. There's the possibility, too, that with a strong enough showing against Jake, the adversary can sift off some of Jake's fans for himself. On another level entirely, some BGE wrestlers feel that Jake needs to be taken down a peg or two. Not only that, but the humiliation should be public to let the fans know once and for all what a phony (in the opinion of some of his most heated critics) Jake truly is.

Count Jayden as one of Jake's most heated critics. He told The Boss he wanted to wrestle Jake because Jake could teach him so much about grappling and stuff. The Boss saw right through that. Sure, Jayden has been training at the Leopard's Lair for a couple of years now. Training hard and working out, Jayden has put himself to the test against some tough competition, like Darius and Joe Robbins, as well as some fellow rookies, like Attila Dynasty and Trent Blayze, but The Boss knows that Jake's instantaneous success has been eating away at Jayden. Now Jayden wants to get his hands on Jake in the worst possible way. That grudge alone was enough to make The Boss give this bout his imprimatur of approval. The Boss (along with much of the rest of us) was curious to see what would happen if hotheaded Jayden was let loose on superstar mat-marvel Jake.

Jake stretches in the gazebo and when Jayden shows up they exchange the customary insults. Jake looks at Jayden as if this guy, a little taller but lighter than he, has no business being on the same mat. Actually Jake shows no expression whatsoever, but Jayden reads the arrogance in the way Jake looks at him. In repose, Jake may look like the charming prince in a Disney movie, but in a fight a fire lights his eyes and his jawline twitches as he grinds his teeth. He hunkers down like a mad bulldog. To the eye it's Jake who, of the two, possesses the killer instinct. But look closely at Jayden's face right now. There it is, that flicker of hate. That hate can do a lot of damage in a fight.

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Jake Jenkins vs. Jayden Mayne
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Following up on his arm punishment Jayden arches up in a shoulder cranking leg nelson

Big back bending boston

Jayden Mayne - 5'8, 150

Jayden cradled and spread wide

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