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  Guido Genatto vs. Dolph Danner  

Dolph Danner - 6'0, 180 lbs

The two pro-studs engage in an intense, intimidating pre-match staredown

Guido up on his toes as Dolph claws the Dirty Daddy's jewels

Guido's big arms wave and claw at the air as he fades in a sleeper

Trapped in a figure four leglock, Guido writhes on the mat

Guido's big arms lift and crush the air from his opponent's lungs

Dirty Daddies and Crying Bitches

When it comes to BG East's Last Man Standing matches, fans can always expect a truly ring-shaking experience. With the only path to victory being complete annihilation of your opponent and an agonizingly slow count to ten, these matches bring out both the best and worst of our wrestlers.

Guido Genatto has developed a reputation for hitting the ring like an avalanche, leaving pretty-boys broken in his wake. But his match with Flash LaCash showed that when he collides with an equally massive force, he can still cause untold destruction as that fight proved to be one of the hardest-hitting BG East matches of all time. It also happened to be BG's inaugural Last Man Standing match, giving Guido a definite advantage here.

Dolph Danner only has one match under his belt, a sleeper match against Chet Chastain. Unfortunately, while the goals of a sleeper match and a Last Man Standing match are nearly the same (lights out for an opponent), one is an entirely different magnitude of pain than the other. Not to mention the lack of rules lends itself to some outright dirty fighting, and Dolph's opponent hasn't earned the nickname "Dirty Daddy" for nothing! But Danner is no push-over, and he's ready to run headlong into the Great Hairy Heel.

Staring each other down in the center of the ring, Dolph decides to poke the bear: "Dirty Daddy? I just see a big BITCH!" It might not be the best strategy, as Guido looks like an enraged bull and charges. Securing a snug side headlock, Dirty Daddy drags Dolph down to the ground and cranks on the pressure. Still working Dolph's neck, Guido uses his mammoth thighs to cinch a headscissors that leaves Dolph dazed enough for a slow count of 5. Tired of waiting, Guido chucks Dolph into the corner and begins choking the life out of him. In desperation, Dolph slugs Dirty Daddy in the gut before securing a headscissors/pec claw combo. Now it's Daddy's turn to yell!

Guido's not one to be done in by a single submission though. He fights his way back on top, and then the really dirty fighting begins: stomping on hands; smothering faces in asses; eye rakes; crotch stomps; gyrating over downed opponents; ball claws to gyrating opponents; and so much more! At one point, Dolph even bites Dirty Daddy in the ass! Of course, Guido just has to retaliate and gets his own taste of Danner! Some of the ball abuse is so brutal that the screams rise several octaves and you'd swear the damage being done is permanent.

Not only is this a brutal Last Man Standing match, but it's also easily the most sexually suggestive match Dirty Daddy Guido's been in to date, and not just physically, but verbally. These are just a small smattering of quotes from the match to leave your mouth watering for more:

"Daddy, please!", "Let's loosen that up," "Tasted Daddy's sweet ass in my mouth!" "It's a cute butt, isn't it?" "I'm gonna bite that fucking ass!" "Please don't mount me!"

So if you enjoy a brutal collision of muscle wrapped in layers of sexual tension, this is the match for you! One man ends up destroyed in the ring, the other is the last man standing.

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Guido Genatto vs. Dolph Danner
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Guido goes full heel and strangles the challenger in the corner

Bodies aren't meant to bend that way... (But don't tell Guido that!)

Dolph wails as Guido butt bombs him in the turnbuckles

Guido arches off the mat to intensify the pressure of the headscissors

A humiliating pinning predicament

Screaming, Dolph taps out to a sharpshooter

Guido Genatto - 5'10, 235 lbs

Dolph grinds his knee into Guido's face while working an armbar

Dolph forces the big muscle bear to his knees, working his shoulder mercilessly

Dolph doubled before his hairy opponent, wiping the taste from his mouth

Guido works a ball-bashing, single-leg boston

Guido rips at the face of the blond, tattooed stud

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