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  Chad Weston vs. Troy Baker  

Australian Stud Chad Weston

Jacknifed and scissored!

Troy's nutcracker. Check out those abs!

Chad's outback bow and arrow

Troy’s Sexiest Bout Yet!

Our Undagear bouts always feature a variety of usually-private under-wear and this one features the most revealing of all gear: the t-back or thong. Here is our muscleboy main event: barebutts, beautiful bodies, and Troy's spectacular quads in his eye-popping and punishing headscissors. In return, Chad grabs a handful of Troy’s balls and just squeezes and squeezes until the pretty boy slowly and very sensually collapses to the mat in abject agony. Chad wears a powerfully-packed yellow t-back and Troy’s thong is red velvet! Major male pulchritude on tempting and titillating display. Troy gets schoolboy pinned, then Chad’s crotch-to-face jacknife pin provides a final humiliation. The Aussie stud loves showing off his physique and here's Troy as we've never seen him before - and what a revelation!

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Chad Weston vs. Troy Baker
21 minutes
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Massaging Troy's abs and posing proud

Troy tortures Chad

A T-backed Troy Baker

A double set of bubble butts

The pose-down

Chad, ripped in the ring

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