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  Brook Stetson vs. Marco Guerra

Big Brook Stetson 6'1, 230

Guerra on the warpath

Brook's big back bender

Face squatting arm bar

Marco has the big man in trouble

The Main Event! Clash of the Titans!

Seasoned mat star Marco Guerra assumes he has the advantage over newcomer Brook Stetson, even if the hairy tattooed hunk looks almost double his size. When they lift some free weight prior to their lock-up, Marco's big eyes bulge when he sees brook reach for the biggest dumbbells. Sue, he puts on a cocky, arrogant air but the apprehension is also clearly there. Stetson isn't shy about needling his opponent about his choice of dumbbells, nonchalantly commenting "Oh, the little weights, that's cute," as Marco does his bicep curls. At least from initial appearances, Marco looks to definitely have his work cut out for him. But in wrestling one should never judge a book by its cover! When these big boys take it to the mat, Marco surprises the muscle monster, using his agility to get on top Brook and hammering his arm back for what could lead to a painful submission. But Stetson powers out with ease and Marco learns that holding this hunk down is going to be about as easy as moving a piano by yourself! Marco gets his face planted in the mat, crushed between Brook's massive thighs, before he traps the smack talking Marco into a deadly camel clutch. But before he clamps his big hands around Marco's chin, he double under-hooks his arms and rocks and rides him out of pure sadistic pleasure. When he finally adds the chin clamp to the camel clutch, Marco's submission is a mere formality. It must be very daunting to be trapped under Brook's bulging schoolboy pin and see that muscle monster sneering down on you! Then again, some might think they'd died and gone to wrestling heaven! This titan is not just physically imposing but surprisingly nimble, as he proves when Marco attempts escape. He also quite clearly has an impressive arsenal of submission screamers at his disposal, from simple arms bars to complex sleeper variations. But while out-sized and very likely out-muscled, Marco Guerra is a veteran of both ring and mat wars and has some very considerable skills at his disposal too, not the least of which is that deadly rear naked choke...

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Brook Stetson vs. Marco Guerra
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