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  Cage Thunder & Max Thunder vs. Alexi Adamov & Drew Russell

Thunder!: Cage backed by Max

Alexi's reverse crab

Cage grovels at Alexi's feet

Alexi readies a side backbreaker

Teamwork: Drew and Alexi warm up

Lots of kids dream of wrestling stardom - Alexi was no exception. When he got his big break with BGE, he was sure stardom would follow, but his win record has been just plain tragic. No matter how hard he trains, no matter how big he gets, he always seems to come out on the losing end. Someone must be to blame! "You always set me up," he accuses The Boss (as if The Boss would do such a thing!), "and you're not doing it to me again!" So, when asked to take on newcomer Cage Thunder, Alexi insisted that it be a tag team. "I want someone to have my back!" Always happy to accommodate, the boss set Alexi up with newcomer Drew Russell, a sexy tall hairy chested muscle man eager to make a name at BGE himself. And Cage Thunder, a masked man from the swamps of Louisiana, was more than happy to sign on his soul brother, Maxx Thunder. "Not that I need a partner to beat pretty boy ass," he boasted. "I may never tag out! Pretty boys can't wrestle. Alexi's proved that over and over. Hell, my mother could kick his ass."

A lot of rage has built up in Alexi, and when he and his partner start stretching, it's obvious this isn't the same Alexi fans have enjoyed watching. For one thing, he's bulked up considerably which is even more obvious in the baby blue bikinis he and Drew wear. And when the two masked bruisers make their entrance, taking a slow tour around the ring to check out their opponents, Alexi's mouth starts moving. "So ugly you have to wear masks?" he jeers. This is a new Alexi, surly and beefy. Will it translate into success in the ring? All the taunts coming from the other side of the ring just stoke the fire inside of his belly. He's heard the 'pretty boy' taunts for far too long!

But tag team success comes from teamwork; and after the opening bell it's obvious the masked bruisers are more experienced than their muscular foes. Quick tags and demolition in their corner, a couple of brutal blows drop Alexi to the mat, but now all the muscle Alexi has added comes in handy! He slams Cage to the mat! He wants to humiliate the masked man the way he's been humiliated, over and over again. What follows is a display of spine-snapping back destruction that even made the jaded Boss wince! Alexi even lets Drew have some of the fun for a while. Finally, the sexy Russian stud tires of the cat-and-mouse game and ensnares his weakened foe in a brutal swinging pendulum. After Cage screams out his humiliating submission and tried to crawl to his corner, Alexi sneers: "That's a good look for you, on all fours," as Max helps his battered partner back to their corner.

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Cage Thunder & Max Thunder vs. Alexi Adamov & Drew Russell
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Patty-cake: Cage slaps Alexi's cheek

and phenomenal cheeks they are!

Drew Russell & Alexi Adamov

Alexi cornered and gutbashed

Alexi leaps into the ring

Alexi cranks mean headlock

Pendulum: Alexi taunts Cage

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