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  Joshua Goodman vs. Mitch Colby

Mr. J demonstrates his prowess

Mano a mano: Arm wrestling challenge!

An elbow to the gut drives Mitch down

Joshua knee drives Mitch's back

Mitch hung by his own shorts!


From the first day he signed on with BGEast, Mr. Joshua has considered himself to be the hottest, most muscular and sexiest wrestler in the Boss? stable?.so he doesn?t take kindly to any newcomer who might steal some of his thunder?or his fans. Mitch Colby, for example, has been getting raves from the fans for his ripped muscular torso, his bulging biceps, his mouth-watering pecs, and the nice solid curve of his backside. ?Who is this juiced-up punk, anyway?? Mr. Joshua raged at the Boss. ?He?s not in my league?who the hell does he think he is?? The Boss of course did his best to calm the ruffled Mr. Joshua down. ?Eh,? he just shrugged, ?Some of the guys are hiring him to train them in the weight room?and I hear he?s been getting some gigs as a fitness model?he?s really cashing in on his BGEast fame?? knowing full well Mr. Joshua has been trying to do the same. After all, competition between the wrestlers is good for the company, right? So, it?s all just a great big coincidence The Boss plans a little BGEast excursion to Vegas the same weekend Mr. J. is doing a guest appearance at a bar there? That the BGEast group is booked to stay at the exact same hotel Mr. J is appearing? And that Big Mitch comes down to check out the mouthy star at work? Sure it is!

But to make matters worse for Mr. Joshua?s ego, as a lark he agrees to cover the back bar when the scheduled bartender has an emergency. A chance to mix with the little people who may not know he?s a STAR is always a kick for the stud. But the smirk on Colby?s face, when he sees Mr. Joshua wiping down the bar, is a bit much for his ego to handle. Heated words are exchanged, and when Colby wins an arm-wrestling bout to see who is stronger, Mr. J?s temper flares out of control! ?You?re on the juice, aren?t you?? Josh steams. ?I?ll bet you a hundred bucks I can kick your ass wrestling.? Big Mitch just slaps down his room key with a challenge. ?Come on up and we?ll settle this,? Mitch snaps before storming out.

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Joshua Goodman vs. Mitch Colby
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