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  Kid Vicious vs. Kieron Knight*  

Kid Vicious - 6', 170

Suck some crotch, boot boy!

Kieron drives a boot to the balls

Vicious scissors the young Knight

Kieron drives a fist to the gut

These Boots Are Made For Stompin'

One of the more feared wrestlers at BGEast, Kid Vicious is always on the prowl. In his signature Bootboy Brawl series, he has shown his darkest skinhead side by destroying and humiliating a series of eager like-minded opponents who enjoy taking a beating almost as much as the Kid enjoys dishing one out-battering and humiliating them physically and then sexually. Bootboy wannabe's get erotically 'broken in' to his special 'crew' --as young Zach Zilver found out in Bootboy Brawl 3: Punk Punishment.

Imagine The Vicious One's surprise on a recent visit to London, when one night in a pub, he ran across a sexy young Brit skinhead stud dressed just like him! The Kid sent a pint over to the kid, who rewarded him with a dazzling smile, gesturing him to come over. Already getting aroused, the Kid headed across the crowded bar. "I'm Kieron Knight," the young lad said, and before long they were drinking away, talking as they watched the soccer match on the telly. Kieron was a freshcut skin, but all too eager to meet Vicious' burning eyes with his own. He knew this bigger yank looked familiar but he couldn't quite place him.

A few pints later Vicious was ready to test the kid, and told him he knew a posh hotel where they could break in and use the room. Already exhilarated at the prospect of some rugged action, they began punching each other and rough-housing on the drunken streets. They buy some beers to take with them and made quick work of the hotel room's lock... Vicious' bulge filled his jeans as he checked out the the young skin's bubble butt, and as he realized how equally eager the new kid was for his kind of boot-boy initiation...

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Kid Vicious vs. Kieron Knight*
01:50 minutes
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The young skin knows some moves

Cocky punk spreads Vicious wide

Kieron Knight - 5'9, 160

Tight bulges in full skin 'kit'

Knee to the groin

Tight jeans tightly intertwined

Kieron Knight makes Kid Vicious take it from both ends

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