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  Jeremy Burk vs. Mitch Colby*

Jeremy Burk 5'8, 156

Sexy singlet bear hug

Mitch spanks that pretty butt

Jeremy poses for 'The Body

Jeremy gets flip-flopped

What Happens in Vegas...

Mitch ?The Body? was a little skeptical when Jeremy contacted him about a match in Vegas. The trip so far wasn't what he hoped. The long awaited match with Mr. Joshua certainly didn't go the way he?d wanted?but then again, why not let the little guy come by? Give him the thrill of a match with one of the biggest and brightest stars in the BGEast universe? He was cute, and he had a tight hard body and a phenomenal ass?and besides, one never knows what might happen in a motel match! There?s just something about a motel/hotel wrestling?maybe it?s the sense of forbidden and secret pleasures that hangs about every room. Those kinds of matches always carry a sexual subtext. As he waited his own curiosity and sense of anticipation grew with each passing moment?until finally the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of his Vegas entertainment for the next few hours.

Jeremy is no stranger to the erotic side of wrestling. All his matches have an underlying sensuality. He loves that aspect of wrestling; the eroticism of dominating or even being dominated by another, more powerful man. Not that he?s a shrinking violet by any means?he always gives as good as he gets. But the smoldering sensuality of his big brown eyes hint that there is more going on than just wrestling. The body contact, the physicality, the rising testosterone all mean more to him than just the spirit of competition alone. He enjoys experiencing displays of strength and power. And when he saw Colby?s match vs Alexi, he?s wanted a match with Mitch. And now, he?s at the door, about to experience the fantasy he?s been dreaming about for months.

And as soon as he walks in, Mitch shoves him against the wall, their eyes lock meaningfully. Mitch nelsons Jeremy and tosses him onto the bed like a rag doll?

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Jeremy Burk vs. Mitch Colby*
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Submit, pretty boy! GIVE!!!

What happens in Vegas...

Mitch Colby 6'2, 198

Mitch 'greets' jeremy

Big bear hug and headscissors

''The Body' poses for Jeremy

Back breaking ball grab

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