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  Braden Charron vs. Jonny Firestorm

Braden Charron 5'8, 202

Jonny rides Braden in a boston

Digging deep into a pec claw

Head scissors: a great equalizer

Big Braden power presses Jonny straight overhead

The Bodybuilder and the Pint-Sized Pro

Braden is back, bigger and better than ever. Since his last match he's seen his career as a muscle model explode, appearing in print everywhere from fitness mags to Playgirl, and capped it all with a 1st place finish in a regional bodybuilding contest. He hits the ring pumped and bulging, his big bod squeezed into the same skimpy pair of posing trunks he's worn on stage. Jonny?s physical statistics aren?t as imposing. But as he watches Braden flex, he sizes him up: ?Another case of a million dollar body and a 10 cent brain.? Let the mind games begin! ?Show me some abs,? Jonny fawningly requests. Braden confidently complies, no idea he?s exposing himself for a sucker punch. A cheating choke on the ropes presses the advantage. ?Those big muscles won?t do you much good without oxygen,? Jonny exults before whiplashing the bodybuilder to the mat for a flurry of stomps and additional chokes. But 60+ pounds of muscle is a solid edge. Braden recovers, hiptossing the young aspiring heel in a huge, high arc, pressing Jonny over his head once, twice, three times, throwing him clear out of the ring. His bearhug takes Jonny's breath away. ?I thought you would be easy,? Jonny gasps, his awe at Braden?s raw power unwittingly revealing his opening disdain and disregard for the act it was, inspiring the bodybuilder to once again flex his phenomenal physique. Big mistake! A shoulder block from the floor, a sweep of the legs and Braden goes from hunky to howling as Jonny makes a wish and splits the bodybuilder balls-first on the bottom rope! Braden's skimpy trunks make for an easy wedgie. His massive pecs are ripe for claw holds. A head scissors make his mind muddle. A backbreaker, a bow & arrow and a full boston crab brutalize his back. A hangman hold, applied and reapplied, has him begging in submission.

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Braden Charron vs. Jonny Firestorm
43 minutes

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Neck-cranking rope punishment

Rib-crushing bear hug

One way to escape a bearhug

Hard-core hangman hold

Get up, muscle boy!

Ab-stretch chin-lock combo

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