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  The Enforcer vs. Blueboy

BlueBoy - 6'1, 182

BlueBoy pins The Enforcer

The Enforcer grabs BlueBoy's mask

Nipple and bulge abuse

With his baby blue trunks wedged up his butt, BlueBoy agonizes in The Enforcer's punishing bearhug

Mighty Masked Muscles

The Enforcer has become something of a legend around BG East since The Boss brought him in to teach Brad Rochelle a lesson. The beating the mighty masked man gave the long-suffering BG East star is considered by many to be one of the most vicious beatdowns in the history of the company. His return to the ring against sexy Muscle Mask was another brutal notch in the masked stud's belt. Silent and mysterious, his thick battle-hardened muscles and his formidable willingness to brutally destroy anyone in his path has made him one of the most feared wrestlers in the BG East stable. He seems to have no weaknesses, and even the most debilitating holds seem to have little or no effect on him. He is almost superhuman in his power, and it takes a special kind of courage to get in the ring with him.

But hope always springs eternal in a wrestler's heart, and BlueBoy felt he was up to the challenge. His own body is lean, muscled and defined, and his ass is a work of rare beauty. Despite giving up some weight to the Enforcer, BlueBoy was confident that his own strength and ring knowledge would not only keep the match from being a complete rout but might also give him an opportunity to come out of the match with a win - the first over the undefeated Enforcer! After all, he reasoned, Muscle Mask was little more than a rookie, and the Enforcer's brutalization of Brad Rochelle came right after Brad had already been worked over and left for dead in the ring. And when The Enforcer stalks into the ring, it's obvious that something else is going on in the big brute's mind as the two masked men flex and pose for each other. Pheromones are firing on all cylinders and the testosterone is rising. The two are definitely attracted to each other...which becomes eminently clear in head scissors, crotch-to-crotch pins, ball grabs, bearhugs, pec poundings, wedgies, lip-locks, mask grabs and other moves that raise the heat up HIGH!

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The Enforcer vs. Blueboy
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BlueBoy's powerful pecs pummeled and pounded!

Double pec-claw and lip-lock

The Enforcer - 5'10, 190

Who IS that masked man?!

Mask-smothering head scissors

Pounding BlueBoy's pretty pecs

Pec-pounding punishment is The Enforcer's calling card. BlueBoy's pretty pecs ares a perfect target!

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