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  Alexi Adamov vs. Cole Cassidy  

Sexy Alexi, 6'3 220

Schoolboy pinned and punked!

Ball grab - Alexi fights back

Trunk yanked out of the ring

The sweat pours off of iconic Sexy Alexi in THE defining match of his BG East career

When Stars Align

At long last, the match everyone's been clamoring for! Two of BG East's sexiest and biggest stars, at long last, facing off in the ring! In one corner, there's Sexy Alexi, the big Russian stud with a so-so record and a chip on his shoulder the size of Siberia. Throughout his storied career, Alexi has never really managed to put his skills, his strength and his passion to win all together to pull out a win over one of the big names on the roster. He's blamed this on The Boss' treachery, but even he is aware that this explanation has started to sound like a whining excuse. Recently naturalized, the big stud proudly puts on a pair of trunks with the US flag on them before heading barefoot to the ring for his Appointment With Destiny. A lot is riding on this match for Alexi: this could be his final chance to prove himself once and for all as the wrestler he always dreamed of being.

In the other corner is one of the nastiest and brutal thugs to ever strap on boots and step into the ring -- Cole Cassidy, mean as an unfed rattlesnake, a vicious son of a bitch who likes nothing more than taking another man -- any man -- apart in the ring or on the mats. The prospect of dismantling the big Russian is one that Cole's been itching for ever since Sexy Alexi appeared on the scene!

As always, the arrogant Cassidy makes Alexi wait for him in the ring before deigning to make his entrance. "You're kind of small," Alexi pointedly observes, prompting precious Cole to pose for his opponent and admire himself in the mirror. And just as arrogantly, Alexi steps directly in front of Cole and looks into the mirror. "Where'd you go?" Silly Alexi -- never turn your back on Cole! A couple of forearm smashes drop Sexy Alexi, and the epic BG battle is on!

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Alexi Adamov vs. Cole Cassidy
34 minutes
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Tied to a punching bag, Alexi becomes one himself

Sublime satisfaction on Cole Cassidy's face; a look of desperation on Alexi Adamov's

Cole Cassidy, 5'8 165

Headbanging bearhug piledriver

Alexi yanks back on a chinlock

Cole's signature bow & arrow sub

Sweat highlights every sexy sinew of muscle on Alexi's spectacular body

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