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  Mitch Colby vs. Marc Rion*

Mitch Colby 6'2 199

Mitch checks out the muscle

Mitch locks up with the sexy skinhead

Seductive bearhug!

Nude pin pleasures Marc

Muscle Stud Mitch Meets Muscle Boy Marc

When Marc Ryan answered that online ad for wrestling opponents, he was not entirely sure what he was getting himself into. He'd always had this 'thing' for wrestling but his experience was pretty much limited to visiting certain websites and watching the hunks on TV throw each other around. He was athletic enough and certainly strong and muscular but wasn't sure if the rough and tumble and what seemed like wild aggression was right for him. But once he started chatting with this Mitch Colby dude, his fears were somewhat allayed. Mitch told him that there was a wide variety of wrestling styles and what transpired between two guys on the mats or in the ring was really totally up to their devising. A match could be wild, fast and aggressive or it could be fun, slow and sensual. Well now, the latter sounded just perfect to Marc.

And when Marc went to The Arena at BGEast and saw photos of his hot and hunky potential opponent/partner, he was sold on giving it a go. And Marc's no slouch, either, handsome with a winsome smile and very humpy and sexy body, Mitch was determined to get this studboy on the mats or in the sack or both at once! When they finally step onto the mats, Mitch makes Marc take his shirt off and the new hunk is more than happy to flex his muscles for his first opponent. "Not too bad," comments Mitch, feeling up Marc's biceps, before taking off his own shirt and showing off his own smokinâ?? guns to a very turned-on Marc. The attraction is instant and mutual, but just as they are about to lock lips, Mitch shoves Marc down to the mat for some real man-to-man action.

With a quick bearhug, Mitch picks Marc up off the ground their lips flirting dangerously close to one anotherâ??s. Marc finds himself face-first in Mitchâ??s crotch, his head squeezed tight between the bigger man's thick thighs. "Is this what you came here for?" Mitch teases, before letting his opponent go only to stand him up, lock his arms around Marcâ??s waist, and plant some more frustratingly hot kisses on his lips. Mitch continues to have his way with the rookie hunk, spanking him and shoving his face into his crotch, much to Marc's delight. The two can't keep their hands or lips off one another as they take turns straddling, kissing, and smothering their mouths against the other's hard cock. OK, so codified competitive wrestling it's definitely not! And the problem would be?

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Mitch Colby vs. Marc Rion*
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Marc thrusts his pouch onto a willing face

Mitch gets a cock lock!

Marc Rion 5'11 180

Bearhugged from the getgo

Mitch pushes his leg into Marc's undies

Marc distracted despite the danger

Both hotties get their hands full

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