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  Kieran Dunne vs. Joe Robbins

Kieran Dunne 5'7 180

Shoulder wrench and bodyscissors

Joe cranks on a camel clutch

Kieran's melts in Joe's bearhug

Demolished! Joe tramples a crushed Kieran into the mat

"Goliath Awaits"

Big Joe is an awesome and intimidating specimen. From his handsome face to mighty arms and barrel chest to his thick tree trunk legs, anyone climbing into the ring to face him should be applauded for courage! Since coming to BGEast, the big stud has also proven he's not just a bruiser hulk - but also a clever mat man and ring warrior with the makings of a champion. After all, he's the only man who has scored a victory over nasty beauty Dick Rick - no small accomplishment. Where many have tried, only Big Joe has succeeded!

As he stands in the ring flexing and posing while waiting for his latest foe, checking his extraordinary self out in the mirror, it is most most assuredly a very impressive sight. Wearing tiny bright green posing trunks that show off every inch of his ample assets (and sporting a packed and impressive bulge), it's hard to imagine anyone having balls big enough to climb through the ropes to fight this massive man. But it is, after all, wrestling - where speed, skill, determination and a ruthless desire to win can sometimes override a size and strength difference in the ring. Might this be the time when some unexpected David finally humbles and defeats the mighty Goliath?

If Goldenboy Kieran Dunn is lacking anything, it's certainly not confidence! Despite many humbling beatings in every BGEast venue, from gazebo to wrestleshack and from ring to grotto, Kieran's ego has managed not just to remain intact but to inflate and expand along with his humpy physique. Kieran's motto is "It ain't arrogant if it's true," and he is justifiably proud of the long hours he has spent in the gym, building up his muscles and sculpting them into beautifully defined thick things of beauty.

A lesser man might have taken the beatings, tucked his tail between his legs and vanished off the scene - but not Kieran. He is oblivious to the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune which would have humbled and defeated many other wrestlers. Taking heart from his ever-rising popularity with the BGE fans, Kieran considers himself a big star and despite surrendering a lot of size to Big Joe - no one intimidates the pocket-sized Hercules. When he climbs into the ring in his trademark metallic gold trunks, he just smirks at the big man and shows off his own muscles - interrupting Big Joe's mirror time.

Not smart to piss off the big man - as the Golden Boy is about to find out...

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Kieran Dunne vs. Joe Robbins
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Beginning of the end? Kieran carried away. Bikini's tightly hug both battlers backsides

Kieran gasps for air

Joe Robbins 6'2 240

Kieran grovels at Big Joe's feet

Golden Boy bulging over Joe's knee

Joe's powerful military press

Jobbed out babyface under foot: Big Joe Robbins flexes over a demolished Kieran Dunne

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