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  Joshua Goodman vs. Austin Raines

Mr. J - 5'10, 185 - confronts Austin

Austin winds up for a forearm

Blinded, stretched & squeezed

Austin Raines choked in a rack

Austin pressed and folded in Mr. Joshua's punishing pin

Piss and Vinegar

Slim but wiry Austin Raines knows his way around wrestling. He's proved his mettle here at BG East a couple of times already against veterans Doc Holliday and Cole Cassidy, demonstrating a capacity for lowdown win-at-all-costs devilry that might make ordinary men's blood run icy cold. Up against some of our other hot studs - doe-eyed jocks who just didn't know what they were getting into - Raines has proven himself a veritable Genghis Khan of the welterweight class. So the prospect of Austin facing off against Mr. Joshua - bad attitude incarnate with a chin strip - put us on the edges of our seats. Whichever way the dice rolls on this one, we are in for a heartstopping scrap.

We catch sight of Austin pacing the ring in a bulging neon green bikini, clearly nervous but also impatient to put some tailor-made hurt on somebody as he waits for his opponent to show. Mr. J, who knows his way around the word "arrogance," slides in through the ropes, griping predictably about the "undersized rookie" The Boss has given him to wrestle.

When Joshua decides that perhaps Raines is just a fan seeking some quality face time with his wrestling hero, Austin snaps him rudely back to reality by reminding him how the Brooklyn Bodywrecker made squash casserole out of Goodman back in 2004. Tactless perhaps but tactical too, for Austin knows not only how to give tit for tat in giving lip, but how to hit a preening muscle boy's raw nerve, as well.

His hackles raised, Mr. J is so frazzled he doesn't even get his black wifebeater off before Raines sneak-attacks him from behind. Austin drags the big man down to the mat, hoods him with his own shirt, and delivers a string of punches to his tan and camera-ready six-pack that must trigger a flashback to the BBW and '04 for the strutting Adonis.

"You are full of piss and vinegar, aren't ya?" Joshua grumbles as he peels his shirt off.

Young Austin looks on blankly as the bigger wrestler's bronze torso and prized huge bulge catches the light, just distracted enough for Goodman to deliver a swift kick to his belly, issue a regulation bitch slap across the mouth, and seize a fast merciless hold on the punk's unguarded ample package. The fabulous Mr. J is back on track!

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Joshua Goodman vs. Austin Raines
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