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  Rio Garza vs. Jonny Firestorm

Ripped Rio -6', 185

Rio on display in a full nelson

Excruciating camel clutch

Leopardlock: Jonny's new tricks

Rio racked! Jonny powers the magnificent muscle model up across his shoulders for a submission

Animal Magnetism, or, The Otter and The Swan

Don't hate Rio Garza just because he's beautiful. He can't be blamed because of his near perfection, though he might have worked on those pecs a little less rigorously and left a hint of flab on those massive thighs, just to make the rest of us feel a little bit better about ourselves. The fans who love him most are also the ones who most like to see his body beautiful manhandled and mauled. Some fans! Those who hate him - and, unfairly, many do - resent his classic elegance and impugn his skills as a ring wrestler. Garza is in the sad but enviable position of being so beautiful that he's constantly being challenged to prove himself as something more than a great beauty, as if great beauty were not enough. And now The Boss throws him in the ring with a sadistic brawler like Jonny Firestorm, which is like throwing a prize Borzoi into a cage with an incensed Pit Bull!

Jonny doesn't have to hate you to beat the shit out of you. It's his nature. He's a destroyer. He wasn't always a destroyer, but The Boss turned him into one. Now, whether he hates your guts or kind of likes you, he sees you across the ring he has to not just knock you down but punch and squeeze you till all that's left of you is the little yip that escapes your mouth just before you're out like a light. Over the past few years, under the watchful eyes of all of us, Jonny has risen from inauspicious beginnings to become one of two or three of the most tenacious and dangerous heels in BG East's history.

The Greek god Garza in a gold metallic bikini primps his smooth tan muscles at the mirror, while awaiting his challenger. Jonny struts in and compliments Garza's hard-to-miss good looks and asks if he knows how to wrestle, all the while his black intense eyes take in Rio's sculpted muscle like a cheetah inspecting a gazelle. Rio sides up to Jonny, highlighting his height advantage over the hairy buzzcut heel. He challenges Jonny to a test of strength. "Gonna beat you up," he barks as he muscles Jonny down to his knees.

Rio wants to show us all that his good looks are no reason to doubt he has a mean streak - and the fanboy debates that have surrounded him for the past year, after he earned a highly prized BG East Wrestler Spotlight just months after his debut, have pushed him to the point that he's ready to unleash some pent-up aggro on somebody, especially somebody like Firestorm, with a reputation among fans for being a 'real' wrestler. But as convincingly as he sells his initial humiliation, and he sells it with near perfection, we expect Jonny to let loose his finely gauged fury at any second.

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Rio Garza vs. Jonny Firestorm
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Rope-trapped hangman hold

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