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  Joshua Goodman vs. Randy Stanton  

Mr. Joshua Goodman 5'10 185

Denim clad muscle schoolboy

Mr. J smothers Randy into his jeans

Split wide: Full Boston crab

Reverse schoolboy keeps Randy pinned as Mr J digs deep with a abdominal claw

Body Worship, or, "How Rough Do You Like It?!"

With the body of an aspiring fitness model and an infinite supply of self-confidence, Mr. Joshua comes home most Saturday nights with a pocket full of phone numbers and one very lucky admirer (sometimes more). When Randy Stanton made a play for Mr. Joshua's attention at the gym, at first Mr. Joshua The Trainer just shrugged him off. But when Randy persisted, promising to worship Mr. Joshua's physique like he'd never been worshipped before, Mr. J pulled his sunglasses down to take a second look. Randy had made an offer that a dyed-in-the-wool narcissist like Mr. Joshua simply couldn't refuse.

The BG East matroom isn't precisely what Randy had in mind for an evening of fun, but he takes it in stride when Mr. J shows him inside. Hungrily unzipping Mr. Joshua's leather jacket, Randy asks, "What you got here?" He's clearly in awe of the first glimpse of Mr. Joshua's bare torso. Mr. J pushes him away, demanding that his eager admirer slow down! Randy peels off his t-shirt, revealing his own tightly toned torso. When Mr. J pulls off his jacket, Randy can't help himself. He instantly reaches out and rubs his hands up and down Mr. J's rippled abs. Mr. J flexes his biceps, instructing Randy to feel them. Randy is more than happy to obey, stroking the fantastic physique lustfully. When Mr. Joshua makes his thick pecs bounce, again Randy can't help but reach out and squeeze, feeling the heft of Mr. J's impressive muscles. "Slow down, slow down," Mr. Joshua demands, shoving Randy away. "Why don't we hit the mats for it a little bit first?"

"We can see where it leads... might be fun," Randy shrugs. The opening trash talk takes a provocative turn when Randy taunts Josh, claiming to like it rough. Mr. J quickly snaps Randy into a crushing side headlock, demanding, "Tell me, how rough do you like it!" Now he's ready to make it just as rough as Randy can take it. With his weight and strength advantage, Mr. J parades the smaller man around the ring before easily hip tossing Randy to the mat. This might not turn out to be nearly as much "fun" as Randy hoped it would.

But it turns out Randy isn't just the starry-eyed, star-struck admirer that Mr. Joshua pegged him for. He captures Mr. J's head between his thighs, making the hunk suffer in surprise. "I got you," Randy crows, reveling in the feel of a captured hunk struggling between his legs. "I got you where I want you, big man, yeah!" he boasts, turning Mr. Joshua onto his stomach. Randy delights in first slapping, then kneading his fingers deep into Mr. Joshua's ample ass. "Yeah, we'll see who's the boss here!"

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Joshua Goodman vs. Randy Stanton
27 minutes
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Randy Mr J's crotch ripping banana split has Randy grabbing his groin and screaming in pain

Randy Stanton 5'9 160

Randy poses with Josh scissored

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