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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Rudy Cortez  

Jonny wrangles a single leg boston

Punishing illegal hangman choke

Trunk-puller wedgie piledriver

Neck cranking reverse chinlock

Rearranging Rudy's facial features: When the going gets tough, the tough start cheating!

There's The Dream and then....

Rudy Cortez came knocking at the door of BG East with a powerful, classic wrestling build crafted from years of amateur competition and conditioning. He has astonishing speed and balance, and he's got a counter to get out of just about any tight spot. In Rudy's debut outing against fellow pro rookie, Naughty Nick Naughton, Rudy took the heel-in-training completely by surprise. No high school hero wannabe, Rudy soaked up some nasty punishment from the naughty one, only to claw his way back on top with completely unexpected ferocity. His second outing, on the mats this time, was a barnburner against an incredibly evenly matched opponent. Nothing has come easy for eager young Rudy in BGE, and you get the impression that the sexy Latino wouldn't want it any other way.

Jonny arrived on the scene of BG East just a few months before Rudy and like Rudy, he already had an impressive mat wrestling resume. In his first several matches, he established himself as a force to be reckoned, quickly illustrating his taste for both high quality wrestling and inflicting - and taking - punishment. It hasn't been all smooth sailing for the wunderkind, though. He's taken some notable beatings at the hands of bigger, even badder BGE battlers. But every match is a lesson, and Jonny is a tenacious learner.

When Jonny arrives ringside, he's got nothing but contempt and criticism for Rudy. This is Jonny in peak physical condition. He's hard as granite, lean, mean and supremely confident in his destiny to come out on top. "So you're the new kid here in BG East, huh?," Jonny asks Rudy, not particularly interested in an answer. "I understand why you're here. I had the dream once, the money, the car, the fame. But you're going to realize pretty quick, that's just what it is, a dream, kid. To get all that, you have to go through THIS." Jonny flexes his impressive right bicep in right in cute Rudy's face. The challenge is ON!

The first ten minutes of this match are a mat wrestling clinic performed by two of the best. Jonny refuses to shake Rudy's hand, but despite Jonny's swagger, it's Rudy who grabs a quick single leg take down and the early advantage. These young bucks instantly have something to prove to one another. They both delight in pointing out completely irrelevant back points that they're earning. This is pure, testosterone-driven, skill versus skill competition with one goal in mind: domination. Skilled amateurs gone great pro.

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Rudy Cortez
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