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  Mitch Colby vs. Brook Stetson

Brook Stetson 5'11 220

Trash talking head to head guillotine

Figure 4: ''I give'' Mitch screams

Brook the gorilla v Mitch the model

Tit-tweaking: Mitch's hands bound in his own jockstrap, Brook's tree trunk legs crush his head

Muscles on the Mat

It's hard to physically intimidate Mitch, a 6'2" wrestle star in prime condition. But as Mitch watches his opponent, flexing in the mirror, there's just no mistaking the look on his face: Mitch is intimidated. And who wouldn't be?! Brook is shorter, yet outweighs Mitch by many beefy mounds of muscle. Where Mitch has crafted his body for fitness competition and aesthetics, Brook is built like a Mack truck. Where Mitch is smooth and tanned, Brook is a hairy, muscle-armored, tattooed force of nature. With a square jaw and a prominent chin chiseled out of granite, Brook has the face of a classic superhero. With his white singlet straps pulled down, examining his flexed muscles in the mirror, he strikes a stunning figure that would make most men bolt. Mitch may be rightfully intimidated, but to his credit, he's determined to meet the juggernaut without flinching. He's not about to back down now!

Brook grins as he catches Mitch sneaking a look at him in the mirror. He looks at himself, then looks at Mitch, then back to his own massive muscles, as if to say, "Really? You're here to take ME on?" Stretching his singlet straps back up over his massive shoulders, he sighs and faces his opponent. "Time to learn how to wrestle," Brook taunts. And Brook outmuscles Mitch at almost every turn, systematically controlling him limb-by-limb, turning Mitch to his back and working his way up Mitch's long, tan body for a schoolboy pin. When Brook hops off, having proven that he can stick the fitness model's shoulder blades to the mat, Mitch instantly counter-attacks. He throws the big man to the mat and captures Brook's square head between his quads and SQUEEEEZES!

But any momentary advantage Mitch manages to capture quickly evaporates when Brook grunts and flexes. Showing that he can dish out the scissor punishment, too, Brook makes Mitch groan in agony, squeezed between his tree trunk thighs. Brook clearly delights in making this "pretty boy" groan, squeezing every ounce of suffering he can from the often dominant Mitch and then spreading his legs wide, his ass splayed painfully and humiliatingly. Mitch concedes quickly, and Brook gives the smooth hunk a gratuitous pec squeeze as he climbs off of him. Mitch is a bona-fide BG star but Brook's got the goods!

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Mitch Colby vs. Brook Stetson
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Choking the big man with his singlet

Overlapping toe-hold: Sweat-soaked Brook sets up the STF

Mitch Colby 6'2 195

Muscle Mitch's groin is stretched

Folding press & face smother

Big buff bare butt bodyscissors

A butts-eye view of those mountainous mounds: Mitch up close & personal with Brook's tattoo dragon

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