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  Joshua Goodman vs. Eddy Rey  

Joshua Goodman - 5'10, 185 lbs

Muscle bulge confrontation

Big elbow drop to Mr. J's pecs

Tight pec claw: Eddy rope-bound

Sexy Eddy bridges up to increase the pressure on Mr. J's ribs: Let's put those abs to the test!

"This is sculpture!"

Eddy Rey has made a big impression on BG East fans. At 6'1" and 210 pounds of muscle, a big bulge and a handsome, angular face, it's not hard to see why. He's been on both ends of a beating. He can dish it out at least as well as he can take it, but with each match, it's clear to see that Eddy is enjoying dishing out punishment more and more.

Mr. Joshua enjoys facing fresh meat. He likes working over the newbies, awing them with his marble-carved physique, and then taking advantage of them when they're stunned by his irrepressible cocky confidence, fitness model good looks, wrestling savvy, and yes, big bulge. Mr. J gets a kick out of seeing a rookie's eyes go wide as he accepts his adamant invitation to study and savor every muscled inch of his lovingly crafted body. Once they've been around a while, wrestlers learn how to hide their intimidation upon coming face to face with the likes of Mr. J. Rookies, however, just can't help but be impressed.

So when Joshua climbs into the ring with Eddy, full of that massive Mr. J cockiness, something just isn't quite right. Eddy barely gives his opponent a passing glance before returning to admiring himself in the mirror. When Mr. J gets up in Eddy's face, Eddy instantly begins to admire his image reflected in Mr. J's mirrored sunglasses. This isn't the reception Mr. J is accustomed to receiving from a mere rookie.

"You're big," Mr. J concedes, "but you don't have a body like me! Look at this!" he demands, flexing his biceps. "This is sculpture. This is... Mr. Joshua!" Eddy cocks his right bicep directly in front of Mr. J's, illustrating that his arms are just as big, if not bigger. "But look at the torso here! I've got, the shoulders, the chest, everything, the whole package, just look at it all!" Mr. J struggles to make his customary impression on Eddy.

Flexing his "20-pack" to prove his superiority, Mr. J. is caught off guard by Eddy's first punch to the gut. The second punch drops the cocky veteran to one knee, followed quickly by anguish and agony as Eddy unleashes a methodical assault on Mr. Joshua's pride and joy (well, OK, his OTHER pride and joy...), namely, his abs.

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Joshua Goodman vs. Eddy Rey
30 minutes
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