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  Joe Robbins vs. Lon Dumont

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 145 lbs

Lifted with an abdominal claw

Shoulder block to the midsection

Deep fist: Lon cornered and bashed

Big Joe Robbins putting all his weight and power into his double abdominal claw hold

Extending Credit: Whose abs are better?

In a recent interview for a fan blog, Lon Dumont was asked what his best body part is. "Everybody makes a fuss about my abs," Lon answered coyly, "so I'll have to go with those." True to his word, Lon's abs look stunning as he poses in the mirror, awaiting the arrival of his opponent. He's in peak conditioning for the approaching bodybuilding competition season, and he's ripped from head to toe.

In that same interview, Lon was asked what it would take for someone to beat him in a one-on-one wrestling match. "Other than a freak of mother nature?" Lon replied. "Perhaps someone with a 100-pound weight advantage might have better luck, but besides that I just don't see it happening." Unfortunately for Lon, BG East has plenty of accomplished and massive wrestlers willing to rise to that challenge. And perhaps not coincidentally, at 6'2" tall, Joe Robbins weighs in at right about 95 pounds heavier than 5'7" Lon.

When Joe arrives ringside, he steps up to the ring apron and watches as Lon practices his mandatory poses. It's hard to impress Joe, so even his grudging assessment that Lon's muscles look "pretty good" is high praise from the big man. Stepping over the top rope, Joe takes up position next to Lon, matching the smaller man pose for pose in a side-by-side comparison pitting Joe's overwhelming size against Lon's stunning definition.

"Okay, okay," Lon acknowledges, "You've got some size on me, I'm not going to lie. But, come on, give me some credit, at least for right now, I've got the better abs. Come on, you can give me credit, can't you?" Joe gives Lon's ripped core another passing glance. "They look all right," Joe concedes, "but how tough are they?" Flexing his massively muscled physique, Joe explains, "Mine aren't just for show. They serve a purpose." The dig at Lon's competition-ready physique sparks a little irritation in the smaller man. The comparison of their rock hard bodies in form and function settles into a gentleman's wager. They agree to trade gut punches, to see which set of abs is truly superior.

Fans of gut punching will appreciate the pounding each man takes in turn. Joe's size advantage leaves Lon reeling, but as they trade fists back and forth, both wrestlers' start to feel it. When a punch finally makes Joe double over, Lon senses that he's starting to break down the big man. Joe makes sure that his next blow drops Lon to his ass in agony, forcing the bodybuilder to immediately concede the contest. But Joe's just getting started.

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