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  Trent Blayze vs. Attila Dynasty

Trent Blayze - 6'1, 195 lbs

Trent bucks and bulges as Attila applies an intense head scissors

Acrobatic lightweight Attila celebrates his first scissors submission over a humiliated Trent

Using the ropes to his full advantage, Attila traps Trent between his knees

Trent on his knees in pain as Attila flexes arms and legs

The Sweeter Science

The "sweet science" of boxing is obviously about the shoulders, neck, and the core of the fighter's body, the chest and abs, but few people know that the most important parts of a boxer's anatomy are not the arms and fists, but rather the legs and the buttocks. Strong legs build the power that travels up the ass to the shoulders to propel all those spectacular knockout punches we love. These are the same body parts that an athlete must develop, though ultimately used differently, for the "even sweeter" (in our opinion) science of wrestling. Contrary to popular belief, the most significant struggle a boxer or a wrestler has is not the knockout or takedown or even the submission, but rather the gradual wearing-down of the opponent, zeroing in on a perceived vulnerability and nailing it - hard!

Body blows drain the boxer of his focus and power, and without these preliminary jabs, a punch to the face - contrary to what you thought you had learned from old John Wayne movies - usually does little more than piss your adversary off. Similarly, the early holds are what weaken the antagonist's resolve and resistance and set up the finisher. Perhaps no wrestling maneuver is more notorious for cutting an adversary down to size as the scissor hold. It requires powerful legs, particularly thighs (and buns) of steel and knowing how and when to use them - and at what level or pressure and force. It is also sexy as fuck, putting an opponent's waist, neck, head, face and limbs within proximity (and reach) of your groin - for optimal humiliation of your man and, need we add, your own pleasure - and maybe his, as well. Body slams undoubtedly do the same trick faster, but the tight, agonizing clinch of the scissors makes up for its slower pace with its sensuousness.

The age-old question is whether to build muscle more for speed or for mass. Unarguably, both bulk and agility are important - but in the end, which is the more valuable? So here's what we did. We took Trent Blayze, big and powerful but slow as his Southern drawl, and set him up against slender livewire Attila Dynasty, a nimble ring wrestler but hardly an incredible hulk. The rules? The winner of the contest is the man who wrings five submissions out of his opponent strictly through the use of scissors. So what we have here is a not-particularly-scientific experiment, pitting two equally accomplished rookies against each other, each with valuable but contrasting strengths and abilities, to settle for now, if not once and for all, the question of speed versus mass.

And both young studs have the requisite tools to succeed. Trent's legs are thick, strong and beautifully muscular and shapely, arguably the main feature of his young, sexy 195 pound physique. Attila's battle legs are also absolutely proportionate to his physique; cut sharp and tight, they promise some serious squeezing punishment if trapped between them. And with his experience and training as a gymnast and dancer you just know he has the wherewithal to to utilize them with considerable nuance as well as power!

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Trent Blayze vs. Attila Dynasty
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Faceful of scissor & Attila butt

Little Attila gets sweet revenge with a brutal cross-body rib-cracking body scissors on Trent

Attila Dynasty - 5'8, 152 lbs

It helps to work over the head before applying a headscissors: with a side headlock for example

Trent uses his big thick thighs to bodyscissors the lighterweight

Standing headscissors using the ropes allows maximum torque

Trying to mitigate the pain and pressure Trent lifts Attila off the mat into the air

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