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  Mikey Vee vs. Cain McDonald  

Cain MacDonald - 5'7, 165 lbs

A rear naked choke attempt

Cocky Cain jockeys for a pin

A headscissors reverse bearhug

Mat master Mikey controls the ground game

"A Little Lesson in Mat 101"

BG Veteran Mikey Vee has a fondness for ripping apart ripped young hunks fresh off of early career victories. "Let 'em work up a head of steam," Mikey is fond of saying. "Then I'll break their cocky spirits!" The Boss doesn't bother telling Mikey who he's going to wrestle any longer. They're all the same to Mikey: young, dumb punks who haven't learned any humility yet. Teaching humility, that's Mikey Vee's particular specialty.

Cain McDonald made a big impression on BG East fans in his debut in Mat Hunks 7. He made an even bigger impression on his tough, skilled opponent, Rudy Cortez. Cain trains in mixed martial arts, and he works obsessively on toning his powerful, limber body for the give and take of full contact combat. His smooth skin and cherubic face disguise a ferocious competitor. He's quietly confident, with the strength, tenacity and technical expertise that have shocked much more experienced opponents. Cain also does his homework. He knows Mikey's reputation. He's studied Mikey's matches. "I can take him," he told The Boss, much to The Boss' delight. "I get exactly one fall," Cain insisted. Ever up for mischief, The Boss was more than happy to make the arrangements.

When Mikey strolls into the mat room, he instantly starts playing mind games with the fresh-faced rookie. "Well, well, what do we have here?" Mikey asks, not pausing for an answer. "I don't know who you are. But by the looks of it, you're young; you're new here. You look like little Bo Peep who's lost his sheep. Well, my little friend, are you ready for a little lesson in Mat 101?" Cain grins silently and crouches low, poised to lock up with the big-mouthed veteran. They circle slowly, testing one another's defenses, probing for weaknesses. Mikey is half a second too slow in trying to dodge a single leg sweep, and the focused young hunk drops him to his back in a heartbeat. Mikey quickly counters, taking Cain to his back, but the youngster works his defense with unflinching determination until he's reversed, locking Mikey up in a half-nelson and turning him to his back again. They trade guards in a beautiful display of stamina and skill. These guys know their stuff.

"Come on, punk, what you got, huh!?" Mikey barks, panting heavily as he struggles to hold Cain onto his back. Cain shows him exactly what he's got, battling back on top, and taking the veteran's back. "Pretty tough, punk! Pretty tough," Mikey admits grudgingly.

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Mikey Vee vs. Cain McDonald
36 minutes
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