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  Lon Dumont vs. Morgan Cruise  

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150

Admiring Morgan's big arms

Lon steps on Morgan's melon

Lonny D tells it like it is!

Morgan's thick chest and shoulders get stretched as Lon drives a knee between his blades

The Next Great Heel? In Your Dreams, Punk!

Morgan Cruise looks like he's been transported directly off the cover of a 1980's pro wrestling magazine. He possesses deceptively mature muscle and fitness for such a young rookie. He's awfully proud of that big, hairy chest and those thick, powerful thighs. Ever since falling in love with the professional wrestling he watched on television as a kid, Morgan has been fixated, obsessed even, with a singular goal in life. Other kids grow up wanting to become doctors or firemen or corporate CEOs, but not Morgan. This dark and handsome and even somewhat babyfaced hunk has had just one dream of what he wants to be when he grows up: a nasty, vicious, heartless heel.

Lon Dumont, on the other hand, has been there, done that, and he's too cool to bother wearing the t-shirt. Lon's a veteran of the indy pro wrestling circuit. He's taken his share of bumps and bruises, and he knows from the ground up what it takes to succeed in the ring. To succeed as a heel requires much more than just big muscles and a bad attitude. It takes skills and savvy that very few fresh-faced rookies with big dreams have the innate talent to pull off. So when The Boss asked Lon to do him the favor of feeling out whether Morgan was just such a rookie savant, Lon was skeptical. He's just weeks out from a major bodybuilding competition, and the last thing he wants is some bumbling rookie to bruise his tanned, lean, shredded physique. However, it's very hard to say no to The Boss.

Climbing into the ring, Lon shakes the cautious rookie's hand generously. "How do you like the ring?" A sly grin stretches across Morgan's handsome face. "I think it just might suit my interests," he replies. "Hey, listen," Lon explains, "it's my understanding that your interest, as you so eloquently word it, is to become the next big heel around here, correct?" Morgan smiles coyly, "That's about right," he grins. "Well there's a lot more to being a heel than just chest hair," Lon cautions him. "Although, that is a nice touch." Morgan's pecs begin to bounce eagerly. "But hey, if a heel is what you want to be, then who better to learn from than ol' Lonnie Dumont?"

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Lon Dumont vs. Morgan Cruise
31 minutes
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Morgan Cruise - 5'8, 170

Mighty Morgan gets his bell rung

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