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  Paul Christian vs. Neil Hewitt

Paul Christian 6'1, 86 kg/190 lbs

Face to crotch headscissors

Struggling in a tight choke hold

Suspended bow & arrow backbreaker

Neil's draped helplessly across Paul's shoulders & racked

Britpro Battlers Bring on the Sadism

There's no love lost between these two bigger Brits. The aggro - British trash talk - begins the minute they see each other again. Going back to the days when the two were just lads learning the business of wrestling, they took an instant dislike to each other that lasted through the years, through wrestling promotions all the way to their oddly frequent private meetings for very personal beat-downs! It's a rivalry which excites, inspires and motivates them both. They thrive on seeing just how nasty they can be, just how much pain they can inflict in how many ways and through how many submissions.

Neil takes charge first, putting on an impressive display of holds and moves a surprised Paul is unable to stop, counter or even resist! Tied up, in pain and unable to move, Paul is forced to submit to his foe, and Neil quickly takes advantage again as soon as he lets Christian back up. But Paul isn't about to let Hewitt have all the humiliation fun in this episode of their domination stakes. A few short cheap shots and now it's Neil who is at Paul's mercy, screaming in agony as Paul lands blow after blow.

These handsome men show a combination of masculine testosterone laden attributes that makes each of them a potential villain, but it's their constant smoldering struggle to prove that the other guy is actually a 'blue eye', a good guy unwilling to apply the maximum pain need to win. This motivates Neil now as he tries to reverse Paul's increasingly nasty holds. Paul goes to work, methodically, on his opponent's shoulders and back before trapping Neil in a brutal double chicken wing/camel clutch combination that has him in submission agony! Beaten again and trying to get his head together, it can't help matters for Neil when Pault leans down and sneers, "That's two, mate" before smacking him on the back of the head and planting a boot on Neil's ass while posing for the mirror!

Cheeky, cheeky, cocky! Many a wrestler has succumbed to overconfidence after a couple of easy submissions - will Paul Christian be an exception to that rule? Busy admiring his own reflection, he waits for the revenge of an enraged and determined Neil Hewitt....

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Paul Christian vs. Neil Hewitt
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Stretched out & gut bashed

Neil clamps on a sleeper: Hairy chested Paul fights to stay conscious

Neil Hewitt, 6'0 78 kg/172 lbs

Neil gives Paul a close up view

Neil's cameled & taunted

Cranking on a full Boston crab

Aggression and aggro often have unexpected consequences: Body pressed & lip locked

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