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  Mac Matthias vs. Exavier  

Mac Matthias - 6', 202 lbs

Sculpted muscle in high relief

Mac bulging & bent over Ex's knee

Mac drives a boot to Exavier's throat

These 2 indy superstars go tooth n nail. Here Exavier stretches Mac in a suspended bow & arrow

Sexy Indy Superstars Separated at Birth?

What's a big, beautiful, underhanded wrestler to do when he meets his twin in the ring? Mac Matthias is a spectacularly successful indy pro wrestler, a bonafide superstar in Japan with a well-deserved reputation for doing whatever it takes to come out on top. With his shock of curly blond hair, his ripped muscles, and those signature butt-hugging red trunks, legions of Mac's fans have had no problem appreciating every dirty trick that he pulls in order to pump his fist in victory. The badder Mac is, the louder his fans scream for more.

Smooth, humpy hunk Exavier may not look much like his blond opponent, but surely these two were separated at birth. Just like Mac, Exavier's reputation as a BGE and outrageous indy bad boy proceeds him. Just like Mac, he's known for an unstoppable smart mouth, an entertainingly quick wit, and a pure delight at making his opponents scream. And like his opponent, Exavier's low-blows, cocky banter, and unquenchable self-confidence have earned him an army of fans who can't wait to see what dirty depths he'll descend to next.

From the moment they step into the ring, Mac and Ex vie with one another for an unobstructed view of themselves in the mirror. Somehow, the full-length mirror covering the wall of the BG East ring room just isn't sufficient for both of these bodies (and especially their egos) to share. "Hey blue boy," Mac says, "I've got an idea. The strongest one gets possession of the mirror. Test of strength, buddy." They size one another up cautiously. They'd never admit it, but they're well aware of the other's reputation. Mac shoves Exavier into the corner and then flings him across the ring, their fingers still locked together. Exavier rallies back to his feet and flings Mac across the ring in reply. They both take their lumps, reluctantly conceding the test of strength as a draw.

Mac offers his hand as a show of good sportsmanship - never a strong suit for either hunk! So it's no wonder Exavier sees it coming when Mac tries to use the handshake as an excuse to land a low kick. "What the hell was that!?" Exavier demands, insulted. Of course, when they try the same show of good faith a second time, Exavier attempts (equally unsuccessfully) the same dirty trick. They're both equally strong. They're equally underhanded. "We're both cheating fuckers, aren't we!?" Mac sums up the situation.

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Mac Matthias vs. Exavier
42 minutes
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Muscle butts on display! Mac punishes Exavier with this hot hangman hold variation

Swinging Exavier in a pendulum

Exavier - 5'9, 185 lbs

Sweaty crossface chickenwing

Exavier goes for the 3 count on Mac

Exavier goes for the knock out!

Exavier throttles Mac outside the ring and yanks him up by his long curly golden locks

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