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  Austin Cooper vs. Kid Karisma

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 170 lbs

Riding Coop with a crab

A knee between the blades

Austin reverses the punishing hold

Kid K traps Austin in the ropes with an abdominal stretch and then digs deep with a gut claw

History in the Making

They say beautiful people can wear anything - or nothing at all. Man-of-the-hour Austin makes a jaw-dropping entrance, sporting a wildly eclectic ensemble: red-framed shades, red varsity wrestling jacket, bun-hugging white and red-trimmed briefs, red patent-leather wrestling boots, and metallic silver wristbands. We figure he's shooting for a movie-star/high-school-jock/underwear-model/wrestler/superhero aesthetic. "Whah?" you may say. But, hell, the dude looks smokin' hot! In striking contrast, Kid K appears in basic black leather, and for all that his trunks conceal, he could be wearing nothing at all - awesomely badass, and, need we add, hot, too. Karisma cops a tude, glaring into Coop's eyes and insisting, testily, "Don't touch me!" But in a flash the two lock hands in a test of strength.

Braced against each other, muscles in near-perfect equilibrium, they strain, the intense effort drawing them together. The arms stretch out, and their chests touch, then their stomachs, and finally their bulges. Kid K arches Coop back, but a second later, Coop is up again, square-shouldered, pushing back and forcing Kid K to one knee. Kid powers back, breaks the hold and snaps a neck-crunching full nelson on Coop. If you weren't already expecting it, the opening prepares you for a spectacle of epic proportions: two of BG East's leading draws - neither one of them willing to cede an inch. The two opponents whip themselves off the ropes, one leaping over the other's head, and Coop clotheslines the cocky badass, smashing him to the mat clutching his sore pecs.

In a second, if even that, Karisma is back on his feet, rocking his opponent with a series of punches that drive Austin to the corner, his flesh turned spotty pink from the volley of lightning-fast thrusts. Karisma works the man's abs, first with fists, then his shoulder. But when Kid K shoots him to the opposite turnbuckle and charges in on him, Coop propels himself up over Kid K's head and then corners him - smashing Karisma's sculpted midsection with a relentless attack of fists, shoulders, knees, and boot, and, topping it all off, he pull him out of the corner, hoists him high and delivers a thunderous body slam. Could this be history in the making? It sure as hell looks like it, gentlemen. Karisma and Cooper are turning a corner here, right before our eyes, in a match that promises to be legendary ... and which all but guarantees the making of its two incredibly talented and rowdy stars into underground wrestling legends. These two men are reinventing themselves - and we watch them through new and amazed eyes.

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Austin Cooper vs. Kid Karisma
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KK drives a knee to the solar plexus

Cooper folded & pressed under Kid K

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170 lbs

Test of strength muscle

Coop caught in Kid K's camelclutch

Coop's flying full nelson

Kid Karisma displayed and floated up in Austin Cooper's perfect suspended surfboard

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