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  Paul Hudson vs. Joe Robbins

Joe Robbins - 6'2 240 lbs

Elevated leg lock on big quads

Sleepering the big man out

Clawing sculpted abs

Big Joe tries to finish off bulging Paul Hudson with a suspended, flying full nelson

Beyond the Pale

Pale doesn't come in any lighter shade than Paul Hudson. The guy's so white he gets fan mail from snowmen. But from that first day when he and Cameron tried to gang up on J-Rock, BG East fans have recognized Paul as one of the toughest and most talented hombres ever to step through the ropes into the squared circle. Few can match his professionalism in the ring or on the mat. He's got a pitch-perfect sense of dramatic brutality, and few are as good as he is at suffering an opponent's holds. Over the years he has gone up against opponents as varied as Charlie Panther, Matt Stryker (in the very first Catch Weight release), Jonah Richards, and Donnie Drake. And now, in Catch Weight 5, Paul faces an opponent who outweighs him by almost a hundred pounds!

Joe Robbins looks like an old-school "he-man." It's like he stepped right out of a Charles Atlas ad clipped from the back page of your favorite 1950s comic book. This guy could kick sand in your face at the beach and you'd like it ... or you'd better pretend you did! The man has shoulders and back that look like a small aircraft engine. His whole being shouts "power." At BG East, Joe has built a career out of putting other big men to the test. He's gone up against Dick Rick (an old nemesis, dating back to their training days for the pros), Jonny Firestorm, and Tyrell Tomsen. He may not win every match, but he's won most and he has taken the toughest of his opponents down a peg or two, and smacked some of the pretty off the faces of the likes of Kieran Dunne, Denny Cartier and Rio Garza.

Before the match begins, Joe crowds in as Paul paces on the ring apron. Joe hovers over Paul, breathing down the guy's neck, griping that he was expecting a "big guy" for a "power match" (which suggests that perhaps Joe has never seen Paul Hudson in a fight). Paul looks him hard in the eye and says, "You gonna let me get in the ring or are you scared?" Joe obligingly stretches up the top rope to let Paul climb in.

Annoyed by Paul's arrogance and anxious to establish his dominance, Joe immediately smashes Paul to the mat, with only the back of Paul's neck to break the fall. Paul recovers swiftly and positions himself behind Joe, grabbing the big man's waist. Joe's massive arms peel Paul off and slap him back to the mat. But it seems that something about Paul has got Joe worried. Taking advantage of the absence of a ref, Joe holds Paul down with one boot while striking poses for the mirror, then grabs the ropes to up the pressure on Paul's back. Big Joe wants to make sure that Paul doesn't get the chance to strike back.

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Paul Hudson vs. Joe Robbins
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Paul tries a 3 in 1 submission on Joe

With the big dude cornered against the ringpost, Paul gut bashes the mighty muscle man

A momentary show of sportsmanship

Hoisted high in a reverse bearhug

Ring rattling power slam

Backbreaker over the shoulder

Accomplished as both an amateur and pro wrestler, Paul puts the boot to the big brute

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