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  Eli Black vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe

Eli Black 5'6, 135 lbs

Full extension on a tight camel!

Bulging undies in Eli's creative back bender

Eli cranking on a tight guillotine choke

Ripping apart Lorenzo's bulging crotch

"This shit is going to get ugly!"

Eli Black has an unshakable faith in his destiny to be the best. His star is on the rise, his ego is swelling, and his fan base is expanding. The Boss can't be certain to either conquer the world or crash and burn in a fiery blaze of glory.

The wrestlers who have been chosen to star in their own BG East Wrestler Spotlights are an elite group of fan favorites. To be tapped for a Wrestler Spotlight is a sign of the Boss' confidence in a wrestler's ability to draw an audience, and no one has been tapped faster for the honor than Eli Black. He landed at BG East less than a year ago, and already he's got his name in the title of a DVD! Expectations are sky high for this young man, and no one expects more than Eli himself.

When the Boss showed him the application and photo of his next opponent, Eli nearly snorted his energy drink out his nose. "Are you kidding me! What the fuck are you thinking?" Lorenzo is far from the biggest opponent Eli has faced. The rookie's body is undeniably sexy, but next to the zero body fat physique of Eli Black, the rookie looks like he's facing an insurmountable disadvantage in strength and conditioning. His beautiful bubble butt is aesthetically gorgeous, but it's not even in the same league with Eli's mouthwatering, granite carved, striated glutes. "This shit's going to get ugly!" Eli predicted. "That's what I'm thinking," the Boss smiled back.

Approaching the mats, Eli shoves Lorenzo in the back like a playground bully. "Come on, rookie!" he yells. The opportunity to showcase his skills on this doe-eyed lightweight makes Eli nearly giddy with excitement. Looking over the tender rookie from head to toe, Eli shakes his head. "I'm going to stretch you so hard! I'm going to tear you apart! There ain't going to be anything left of you!"

Lovely Lorenzo seems momentarily at a loss for words, staring back at the armored bundle of muscle and ego flexing in front of him. Finally regaining his composure, he demands defiantly, "You're going to stretch this out?"

"I'm pretty sure that's the easiest thing I've ever done in my life!" Eli boasts.

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Eli Black vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe
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