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  Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Shane McCall  

BBW and Shane show off

BBW nelsons Shane

BBW tries to put Shane to sleep

BBW crushes Shane's nuts

Leather strap choke

Sexy leather S&M torturefest!

Entering the ring area with his menacing black suitcase, BBW confronts handsome leatherman Shane: "You the originator of Dark Knights? I took over Dark Knights!" Tension mounts as the wrestling begins with a pair of deceptively clean breaks but a suitcase sneak-attack turns the tide! Shane's crotch gets kicked, stomped, elbowed, kneed, head-butted, and clawed. Unforgettable nude over-the-shoulder and over-the-knee backbreakers follow, along with a hot bearhug. After K.O.-ing Shane in a mind-boggling hanging sleeperhold, BBW forces his totally submissive victim to suck dick and blow a massive load! Over an hour of sizzling action.

SHANE MCCALL: 5'11" 175 lbs
BODYWRECKER: 5'10" 190 lbs

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Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Shane McCall
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BBW counts out Shane?

BBW in charge!

The Brooklyn Bodywrecker

Shane serves his master

Shane applies an armbar & liplock!

BBW's elbow nut-crusher

BBW bends Shane over his knee

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