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  Cameron Matthews vs. Ray Naylor

Cameron Matthews - 5'10, 160 lbs

Cameron rolls up the rookie fanboy

Wedgied and crabbed!

... and the head scissors variations!

Cameron reaches new levels of humiliating brilliance

Meet and Greet

We heard the voice of the people. The votes are in, and Cameron Matthews is the man most BG East fans want to see in his underwear wrestling somebody else in his underwear! So on Undagear 19, Cam joins the ranks of top BG East stars who are not only pretty to look at, and sexy as hell, but also seductive and, more important, aggressively seductive--in skimpy underwear! Wrestlers like Justin Pierce, Christian Taylor, Jonah Richards, Rio Garza, and others who have helped define this signature series over the years. Much has been made of how Cameron's blossomed in the last couple of years, from stripling to rock-hard he-man, and with those physical changes the man has also grown more confident, cocky, and charismatic as a wrestler. His challenger for this match is Ray Naylor, a rookie somewhat smaller than Cam. Smaller but fit and wirily built, Ray is a rawboned street punk with an insatiable appetite for domination and punishment. Like Cameron, he at first strikes you as quiet and easygoing, but on the mat Ray, like Cameron, turns into a wrestling animal.

At first, we didn't know whether bringing these two hunks together would produce any sparks, but, wow, we needn't have worried! No sooner do they lock collar and elbow than the mat room turns into a powder keg of testosteronal one-upmanship and territoriality. "Ready to lock horns?" Cameron asks invitingly, and in a flash Ray scoops him up by one leg and deftly slaps him on his back on the mat. What an opener! What an icebreaker! What a way to say, "Hello, My Name is ___. Come Get Some!" These guys know their way around legit folkstyle wrestling, and their ability to call up moves and counter-moves in half-second increments turns their "meet and greet" moment into an electrifying display of athleticism, attitude, and pure grade-A aggression. Cameron looks surprised and delighted to find his opponent, this unknown quantity, to be as tough and brash as any wrestler Cam has ever faced, and once these two lock arms and legs, the chemistry between them becomes deep-down palpable.

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Cameron Matthews vs. Ray Naylor
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Crotchripped and pinned: Cam on top

Kiss the mat while I admire your assets, quoth the fan

Ray Naylor - 5'9, 150 lbs

Ray crotchrips his hero and puts him on notice...

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