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  Cameron Matthews vs. Eli Black  

Cameron Matthews - 5'10, 160

Cam looks great as he elevates Eli up in a standing surfboard stretch

Manhandling him in a bearhug, Eli arches back in agony as Cam puts the squeeze on him

Eli mounted & clawed. Those sexy award-winning abs get punished for our viewing pleasure

Submission city: Cameron's face turns red in Eli's intense headscissors.

Foreplay or Psychological Warfare?

Best Mat Battle
Cameron Matthews narrowly missed winning BG East's title for Best Butt of 2012. He's still demanding a recount. In his opinion an even worse slight was that he wasn't even considered for the category of 2012's Best Abs, which was awarded to Debut of the Year winner Eli Black. "What's all the fuss with this new guy?" Cameron demanded. Determined to put his abs and ass on the line, Cameron pulled himself off the indy pro circuit long enough to get his eyes and hands on BG East's freshest award-winning meat.

"Oh, the new guy's here," Cameron snorts when Eli steps onto the mats. Mr. Abs is late, confirming Cameron's suspicion that all of Eli's awards and accolades have gone to his head. "I've heard a lot about you," Cameron smirks, clearly implying he's been unimpressed with what he's heard. "Who hasn't," cocky Eli snorts dismissively.

"I don't know if you've heard, but talk is cheap," Cameron challenges, getting up in Eli's face. "Good," Eli snaps right back, "'cause I'm not one for talking." The tension is thick and multi-layered. When Cameron complains that Eli has been wasting his time by showing up late, pointing out that time is money, Eli snaps, "I can more than pay for something," looking up and down Cameron's hot muscled body.

"Good!" Cameron replies. "You'd be a pretty nice date, you know?" Without skipping a beat, Eli smirks, "Don't forget you're buying the popcorn."

Whether its foreplay or psychological warfare, the trash talk is delivered with rapid fire cockiness. Similarly, the wrestling unfolds in a series of lightning fast moves, punctuated by heavy breathing holds, power flexing against power. Eli locks on a crotch ripping spladle, spreading Cameron's powerful, meaty legs wide and exposing his big bulge and second-place bubble butt. No stranger to compromising positions, Cameron manages to quickly "return the favor," prying Eli's legs wide apart and demonstrating that he's as adept at exposing an opponent's quivering vulnerability as is Eli. "Not bad, huh?" Cameron demands of his groaning opponent. "It's going to be a long day for both of us!" he predicts.

Both hunks delight in discovering that they're equally matched in staying power and stamina. The crevice between Cameron's pumped pecs glistens with sweat as Eli's phenomenal conditioning matches the indy pro veteran hold for hold. Anotherbeautiful ass-in-the-air lock-up puts Eli back in control and milking the moment for every ounce of dominating pain he can deliver. "It's been a while since I was tied up like this!" Cameron notes with a not-entirely-displeased tone of voice. Minutes later, Eli chains together an ankle lock to a knee bar that wrenches a panicked wail of pain and frantic tap out to secure the first fall.

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Cameron Matthews vs. Eli Black
30 minutes
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Eli holds nothing back, Cameron gets spread, split and pinned to the max!

Cameron sweaty & suffering beautifully in a wicked banana split

Eli Black - 5'6, 135 lbs

Putting his new muscle to good use, torturing the ripped cocky grappler

Ripped abs on display during a neck breaking full nelson. Has big bulging Eli met his match?

Arm locked ab and mouth stretch on the cocky mat stud. Cam just might shed his jobber status!

Bubble bottom Cam gets stacked up with a half nelson. Eli shows some mat wizardry

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