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  Morgan Cruise vs. Skip Vance & Christian Taylor*

Taunting Skip while resisting Christian's bodyscissors, Morgan is cocky, mean and determined!

Can't breathe? Rope choke on the pretty boy, Mastodon in full control

The medieval rack! Stretching the big bad heel in an arm stretching, crotch ripping submission

A show of power and dominance lifting one partner and effortlessly trampling the other

Erotically tortured in every conceivable way: Force fed crotch, bent and swung in a pendulum

TAG TEAM TORTURE 16: Buy One Get One Free! - or - Two's Company....

"This must be humiliating for you," Morgan Cruise pretends to sympathize with his victim. He has bludgeoned, twisted, stretched, and stomped Christian Taylor nonstop for ten minutes, coercing submission after submission out of the good-looking babyface, all under the watchful eye of boyfriend and mainstay Skip Vance. It looks hopeless, but Skip has not lost faith in his man! "Christian, you got this," he calls from ringside. Morgan scowls, badgering his opponent, "You embarrass me. You embarrass yourself. You embarrass your partner." The goading hits hard and deep, spurring Christian to mount a hopeful counterattack, climaxing with a surprisingly effective bodyscissors on the solidly built heel. But for now it's only a taste of triumph for Taylor, as Morgan reverses the scissors hold, his hairy thighs crushing Christian in half while flipping off an increasingly irate Skip.

Skip's outraged protests at ringside do little to distract Cruise from his hostile determination to brutalize his beautiful opponent and thoroughly crush the man's self-esteem. Skip's exuberant confidence in his partner is shaken only when he senses that Christian is no longer able to respond. Morgan torture-racks the helpless Christian, ignoring both the babyface's repeated submissions and the boyfriend's insistence that the big bully play by the rules. As Taylor appears to lose consciousness, Skip peels off his shirt and rushes in to slug the thick brute in the chest. Cruise drops Christian and goes after Skip but soon finds himself under attack by a newly revitalized Christian. Together Skip and Taylor drag The Mastodon down to the mat for a well-deserved beatdown, gaining a surprisingly quick submission from the brute, who swears he'll kill the both of them the first chance he gets!

In response to the partners' coordinated assault, Morgan displays the full extent of his resourcefulness as a ring wrestler and top-of-the-line heel. At one point he spread-eagles Christian on the corner ropes and then pendulums Skip face first to his crotch, just the first of many humiliating and increasingly sensual/sexually suggestive tableaux Cruise devises to mock the boyfriends, while eventually stripping them nude! But together Skip and Christian pose a credible threat, wearing "The Mastodon" down by turns and in tandem (once even locking lips while stretching him out between them). And what The Mastodon forces the pretty boys to do to one another is so 'explosive' it needs to be seen to be believed! (If you can't stand the suspense, see the full unexpurgated gallery on The Arena at BG East!) Two of BG East's most popular babyface stars vs a rugged, inventive heel - almost certain of a nomination as "Best Heel of 2013" for this match - make weapons-grade whoopass in one of the most unusual and sexiest "tag team" events you are ever likely to see.

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Some matches on this product contain nudity! (*)
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Sexy nude bodies sprawled on top of each other, forced to do unspeakable things!!!

Total humiliation: Skip forced onto his BF's tool - Morgan orders Christian to shoot that load!!

THIS a bodyscissors, jobber bitch! Powerful quads crush the slender stud's midsection

Agonizing & arousing screams escape the pretty boy's mouth. You're sexy when you're in pain!

Rack city crotch claw,bitch! A masterful heel beat down has Christian crying in total agony

Double humping camel clutch! Morgan rides the unhappy couple and forces Christian to hump Skip

A Skippy sandwich! Double lip locking bearhug corner pain. The punishment might be worth it!

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