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  Lon Dumont vs. Cameron Matthews

Cameron Matthews - 5'10, 160

Cameron's vicious claw digs deep into Lon's ripped, and soon to be shredded, abdominals

Cam's acrobatic headscissors threatens to send Lon flying right over the top rope

Everyone wants to get their hands on Lon's bod & curly locks as he's squeezed in Cam's side headlock

Cameron choked! Teacher's biceps bulge big as he strangles his former student against the ropes

Who's the Student and Who's the Teacher?

BG East consistently provides fans the most intimate and up-close wrestling entertainment available. When, on rare occasions, we produce our in-your-face matches in front of a live audience, something unpredictable happens every time. The adrenaline rush that comes with a loudmouthed crowd of onlookers makes wrestlers take risks they might not otherwise take. Few enjoy being humiliated, but when the stakes include being humiliated in front of an audience of your peers, our boys dig deeper, fight meaner, and do completely unexpected things to come out on top. That's Wrestlefest, every time!

Neither Cameron nor Lon is a stranger to the roar of cheering (and jeering) crowds. It was Lon who brought Cameron into the world of indy pro wrestling, coaching the young babyface beauty into the harsh realities of the brutal ring sport. Their mutual respect runs deep, and Cameron was first in line to raise a glass and praise his former mentor's legacy when Lon announced that he was retiring from wrestling to pursue his dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. Lon joked at the time that his retirement removed the only obstacle left in the way of Cameron absolutely owning the wrestling world.

The joke turned sour the moment that Lon launched his wrestling comeback. He didn't offer his former protégé the courtesy of a call to let Cameron know that Lon's comeback would be staged where Cameron had already set down deep roots: BG East. Cameron's tenure here has been long and storied. His resume includes over 25 matches against some of the biggest and most accomplished wrestlers on our roster. Cameron has quite literally grown from a long, lean, barely legal babyface into one of our strongest, hunkiest bruisers. When Lon was recently overheard in the locker room quipping about his mission to "class up this place," Cameron took it as a personal insult. No longer wet behind the ears, Cameron insisted on an audience of BG East peers to witness the passing of the torch as he plans to put Lon in his place, which could very well be right back into retirement!

Most, but not all, of the wrestlers gathered ringside are squarely behind fan-favorite Cameron. Their jeers at Lon's entrance turn into cheers for the babyface hero when Cameron climbs into the ring draped in old glory from head to toe. Both of these ripped specimens of premier muscular development are clearly turning on the boys at ringside, who shower them with the shirts off their backs and the trunks from their gym bags.

"You and I have known each other about 12 years," Lon reminds Cam. "I must admit you've grown." On cue, Cameron proudly flexes his guns to lustful cheers and whistles of appreciation. "And while your body has clearly matured," Lon continues, "I think we all know that the mind and the brain never did. So therein lies the weak link." And without further ado, the match begins to determine who's the student and who's the teacher.

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Lon Dumont vs. Cameron Matthews
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The BG boys at ringside love to get into the act as the heels enjoy seeing Cameron bear hugged

Sweaty Cam needs his boys' help just to stand after taking a pounding from the pro, Lon Dumont

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150 lbs

Babyface icon Cameron shows off that new muscle while Lon grovels in his crushing headscissors

Stretching out the muscleboy's beautiful bod isn't enough, Lon wants to claw up that pretty face

Lon's back bending and bulge protruding as he suffers in Cameron's classic Boston crab

Cocky Cameron plants his boots on Lon's back and uses his former teacher as a surfboard

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