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  Dick Rick vs. Braden Charron

Buff Braden flexes his bulging muscles and poses for his adoring fanboys at ringside

Muscled Braden mounted and choked by the even bigger and considerably meaner Dick Rick

Vicious Dick doesn't know the meaning of fair play and shows no mercy as he blinds Braden

Dick slams his boot to the small of Braden's back and tries to bend the muscleman in half

The arrogant Dick taunts Braden, wrenching his shoulder back in a punishing seated abdominal stretch

Mammoth Ego versus Mountainous Pecs

A BGE Wrestlefest occurs rarely for a reason. When we let testeroned-fueled wrestlers watch their colleagues, all hell breaks loose. The wrestlers inside the ring contend with a roar of advice and abuse from an audience of armchair quarterbacks. And it's not uncommon at all for egos inside and outside the ring to clash with explosive results.

Few wrestlers inspire the depth of reaction from fans and wrestlers alike that Braden Charron does. All he has to do is pack that gloriously muscled ass into a pair of bikini trunks, and he unfailingly mobilizes an army of slack-jawed Braden-fanatics raging to watch him wrestle. He's a goes-along-gets-along guy with superhuman proportions who has generated a ton of good will and affection from the other wrestlers at BG East.

Dick Rick, on the other hand, has never in his life gone along or gotten along with anyone. The powerhouse indy pro and reality TV star despises everyone he meets, and he's not bashful about demonstrating that again and again in the ring. He's a human wrecking ball, breaking down every opponent that we throw at him. And surrounded by the generally collegial camaraderie that our boys inevitably strike up outside the ring, Dick doesn't spare an ounce of interest or respect for anyone else. It's not a well-kept secret that a whole lot of our boys think that contemptuous Dick Rick is long overdue for an epic pummeling.

When Dick and Braden wrestled side-by-side as tag team partners barely a year ago, these two initially looked like the perfect compliment of heavenly bodies and devilish intent. For someone notorious for not playing well with others, Dick made the most of the momentary partnership, giving Braden some tips in the exquisite art of muscle bashing. But even in victory there's no ring big enough to hold Dick Rick's mammoth ego and Braden Charron's mountainous pecs at the same time. Even as they celebrated over the crushed bodies of their opponents, Dick turned on his partner, complaining that he'd been left to do all of the heavy lifting. Criticisms were leveled. Insults exchanged. And Dick stormed out of the ring promising to return and kick Braden's bodacious ass.

To kick off this grudge match, Braden has the boys at ringside applauding in awed appreciation as the muscleboy treats them to a sexy pre-match posing session. This guy is simply a work of art, and the assembled wrestlers are nothing if not fine art fanatics! When Dick's entrance interrupts the show, the boys instantly target the indy pro hunk for derision. He sneers at the assembled BG East boys. "Did you invite these losers?" Dick asks Braden. "Yeah," Braden snaps back, "cause they want to see me kick your ass!"

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Dick Rick vs. Braden Charron
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Choke! Choke! Dick makes some caustic comments to the boys at ringside as Braden gasps for air

Braden hangs helplessly over the apron as Rick cranks a deadly Boston

Rick gives us a shot of Braden's ass before he slams the big man down to the mat

Braden's turn to put his opponent's assets on display as he lifts Rick into a rib-crushing bearhug

Rick goes for a rough ride as big, beefy Braden sends him flying with a powerful bodyslam

Big Dick Rick proves his impressive strength as he sends Braden flying with a stunning suplex

Rick racks his well-muscled opponent over the corner, Braden's size only adds to his suffering

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