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  Brad Rochelle vs. Attila Dynasty & Chace LaChance

Brad Rochelle - 6', 190 lbs

Brad in great form as he stretches Attila over his knee fro a submission in a brutal backbreaker

Lean fighter Chace loses in power test to Brad as he's pulled up for a painful neckbreaker

Big Brad about to send Chace's broad, tan, and muscled back crashing into the corner post

Drawn and quartered: Stretched, split, and stomped, how can Brad's arms, legs, and abs survive?

Brad's Ultimate Trial

Over the years, Brad Rochelle has been battered, bruised, and yes, even beaten here at BG East, more often than not at the behest of the sadistic holder of his contract, Kid Leopard. We've seen him vulnerable--oh boy have we seen him vulnerable! But have we ever seen this? Brad handcuffed to the ring ropes by The Boss' frequently errant errand boy Jonny Firestorm, hostage-style cloth bag over his head? Helpless, at the mercy of his captors. What were the events that brought Brad to this perilous and lowly state?

Jonny removes the bag, unveiling a gagged Brad. Almost apologetically, Jonny uncovers his mouth, and Brad immediately tries to appeal to Firestorm's mercy and hopefully innate sense of fairness. Amazingly, Jonny almost seems like he actually feels pity for the man he's helped The Boss torment so many times. Jonny insists it's either him or Brad, while Brad begs to be uncuffed so they can together escape the clutches of The Boss. Before Firestorm can consider the offer, however, the door opens and in strides You-Know-Who!

Kid Leopard just can't seem to get enough of Brad's predicament, but he isn't quite totally satisfied either. He takes the gag previously covering his captive's mouth, and instead wraps it tight around helpless Brad's throat, leaving one of BG East's biggest stars gagging and gasping for air on his knees before The Boss. Leopard dismisses Jonny "Firefly" after relieving him of the key to Brad's shackles. Jonny gives the bound Brad one last, pitying look. Resigned, he shrugs and leaves Brad at Kid Leopard's nonexistent mercy.

The Boss berates poor, beaten Brad, accusing him of a breach of his infamous contract, recounting every slight, whether real or imagined, of which he feels his favorite victim is guilty. Although Brad likely doesn't need any prodding to remember, Kid Leopard takes great pleasure reminding Brad in considerable detail what the price for his defiance has been, a wistful smile on his face as he recounts both historic and more recent events...

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Brad Rochelle vs. Attila Dynasty & Chace LaChance
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

A doubly deadly clothesline from the two hot-shot, young wrestlers sends Brad flying into the air

Can Brad hope to escape a spine-snapping double Boston crab applied by two muscled young studs?

Chace LaChance - 5'9, 165 lbs

Attila Dynasty - 5'8, 155 lbs

Outnumbered and still unbeatable, Brad drops his knees onto Chace's neck and abs while Attila crawls

Double over-the-knee backbreaker as the two hunks bend Brad to the mat: Will Brad break?

Just when Brad thinks he's got this one in the bag, he gets brutally bashed from behind by Jonny

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