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  Brad Rochelle vs. Jeremy Tyler

Is there any escape for helpless Brad in the big man's tightly-constricting chokehold?

Brad tries to pry Jeremy's massive arms off his chest, but the brutal bearhug seems inescapable

Brad in agony as Jeremy ponders wrenching his arm to inflict even more cruel suffering

Beaten and now humiliated, exhausted Brad is ordered to flex or suffer more sadistic punishment

His Leopard Eminence strikes a contemplative pose: Haven't you learned yet not to cross The Boss?

My, My! How The Mighty Have Fallen...

Brad Rochelle has taken his share of beatings over the years, but has there ever been one this one-sided? The Boss has always had it in for Brad, but this is something else! Setting him up against a huge, muscled stud like Jeremy Tyler isn't enough. It had to come on the heels of a match in which Brad faced down two fierce, energetic young opponents with Kid Leopard's personal errand boy Jonny Firestorm supervising from ringside. Brad's been on the receiving end of no fewer than three beatings today, and his fourth is underway.

Dragged and tossed around the mat room, Brad can barely manage to fight back against the imposing Jeremy Tyler, and even when he does take the big man off his feet it only buys him a few moments on top. Brad may not be in top form, but it must be said Jeremy is a tough, impassive, persistent adversary. The few times Brad manages to work in a hold during his brief moments of control, the massively muscled rookie just refuses to quit, fighting hard to power his way back on top of the considerably weakened Rochelle. And when this guy locks on a hold, the sublime look on Brad's face is one of intense pain.

Another impressive bodyscissors drains the life out of poor, beaten and battered Brad. Barely able to stay upright, he's dragged to his knees by his opponent and forced to flex his tired but still impressive physique. The drooping Brad in front and the destructive Jeremy Tyler behind him paint a portrait of stunning and magnificent muscular contrast.

And finally, the giant decides it's time to finish off his broken victim. Dragged to his feet, Brad feels those huge arms wrap around his torso, then clamp down tight in a devastating bearhug. The torture lasts for minutes without end. Tyler never lets up, crushing Brad's body from in front and behind, lifting him off the mat and shaking his limp body before lowering him to the mat again only to pump his powerful forearms into Brad's mashed midsection. Beyond beaten, Brad is broken, his pleas for mercy go unanswered as he slowly loses consciousness in his opponent's ever tightening grip. When he's finally flung to the mat, he lays motionless as Jeremy Tyler poses triumphant over his conquered prey.

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Brad Rochelle vs. Jeremy Tyler
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KL expounds; Jonny stands guard; Brad is resigned to the machinations of his confounding contract

With the terms of the match "negotiated": Brad heads to the ring to take his shot at freedom

Brad fights like his life depends on keeping the big man down, and it almost feels like it might

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Brad struggles in vain as thighs like iron bars lock in a deadly bodyscissors on his battered abs

Bruised and broken, Brad's body is still a sight to behold as he finally succumbs to his brutalizing

Tyler lords over a broken Brad, the latest in a long line of Contract-related humiliations for Brad

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