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  Guido Genatto vs. Flash LaCash

Flash LaCash -5'11, 200

Flash enjoys cranking a muscle-popping rear chancery on big Guido

Scissors fans would KILL to get trapped in Guido's massive quads - Flash is not as appreciative!

Flash's eyes bulge wide when Guido grinds his full weight down on his back and neck

Trapped in a very determined Flash's cobra clutch and bodyscissors, Guido howls in horror

Daddy Issues

Anybody else jonesing for old-school grunt-and-groan, spit-and-swear rassling? You know what we we're talking about: a couple of big thick sides of Grade-A beef ripping through each other on the mat and against the ropes. This match remembers the days of the Iron Sheik, Terry Funk, Stan The Man Hansen, Killer Kowalski, and Iron Mike Sharpe. Our sister site routinely provides old school, old style kick-ass pro and BGE's counterpart, also known as the "Pros In Private" series does likewise, but this match takes it all to a new level, taking us back - and forward - at the same time!

We proudly introduce Flash and Guido, a couple of tough customers straight out of the pro ranks, guys who eat bear for breakfast, cobra for lunch, and mountain lion for dinner. They're mean as hornets, strong as bulls - and sexy as fuck. And today they're bringing us the good shit from the sweat-stained mats of yesteryear: dirty fighting, nostril stretching, ball stomping, tendon snapping, biting, clawing, howling, and slugging. Go someplace else if you want to watch baggy-pantsed 95-pound skateboarders jump off the top ropes. These big guys don't fly high. These men are here to crush some goddamned bone! And not just any knock-down drag-out bigman battle: this one's a 'Last Man Standing' match: you don't win until you're opponent can't continue. 10-count KO, no submissions recognized!

"Don't worry," growls Guido, licking his chops. "Daddy's here for you!" Flash sneers, in reply, threatening to "pop your head like a pimple, 'Daddy.'" We don't know who pissed in whose tomato juice this morning, but these guys were raring to butt heads from the moment they first set eyes on each other. We seriously thought we might have to keep Guido locked in the toolshed till bell time. The Joisey boy, in yellow spiderweb trunks, is thickly built, hairy chested, quick tempered and a well-known icon to indy fans. He's the kind of fighter you half-expect to tear into the turnbuckle with his teeth. He has crazy eyes and a tongue prone to lolling out while he twists the limbs off opponents. Anything can happen when this man enters the ring, and Flash knows it ... and he can't wait!

In striking contrast to his opponent, Flash, in the tangerine trunks, is smooth bodied, mustachioed, with a sharp angular take-no-prisoners face, his hair cut severely in a Marine-style mohawk. After giving Guido a big taste of his own medicine well into the match, Flash snarls, "You messed with the wrong bad guy, Daddy boy!"

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Guido Genatto vs. Flash LaCash
27 minutes

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Sweaty man muscle in high relief as Guido arches Flash back in an attempt to score a KO

A combination of a seriously tight choke and body scissors has has the Flashy one gritting his teeth

Guido Genatto - 5'10, 235

Guido chinlocks and fish hooks Flash's nostrils and enjoys watching his evil efforts in the mirror

Flash spreads Guido wide as he prepares to turn him for a punishing single leg boston variation

Flash proves that he too is no stranger to rough house tactics raking both of Guido's eyes

Flash LaCash's punishing single-leg stump puller has big Guido Genatto on the edge of submission

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