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  Lon Dumont vs. Donnie Drake

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150

Already shiny with sweat, Donnie stapes Lon across his shoulders in a fireman's carry airplane spin

Lon's wrenching double underhook has Donnie on the verge of screaming out a futile submission

With Lon trapped over his knee Donnie drills an elbow into the muscleman's chiseled abs

Donnie's spectacular boston crab has the bodybuilder grabbing at his ankle for mercy

Catchweight Classic: Last "Boy" Standing?

Fans of big-versus-little will love this match as statuesque Donnie Drake and wiry Lon Dumont step in the ring for a "last 'boy' standing" contest, the winner being the one who can slow-count to 10 while his opponent lies groveling or unconscious at his feet. The boys have been itching for this kind of decisive ordeal, looking for a clean, conclusive win that will put them over with hardcore fans once and for all. And if the two fighters have been hot for this match, so have the fans! It's arguable as to who has the bigger BG East following. Donnie's appearance on a wrestling reality TV show and Lon's well-documented exploits as a competitive bodybuilder have cemented huge followings for both.

And what a set-up! Two men enter the ring, one man leaves, as basic a premise as survival of the fittest, no ref, no rules, no muss, no fuss. Lon's been steadily building a fiercely loyal fan base over the course of a dozen matches at BG East. Donnie, with almost twice that many bouts notched up, is the obvious favorite, with his height and weight advantage and A-list training in pro-style wrestling. Neither of these guys is running low on ego, and making matters even more interesting, the two have faced off once already, several years ago on opposing teams in BGE's Tag Team Torture 12. That battle left a bad taste in both wrestlers' mouths, and even with tag team partners to diffuse the animosity, Lon Dumont and Donnie Drake singled each other out as THE "man to beat" that very day. Ever since then, each has been near or at the top of the other's shortlist of wrestlers he wants to get his hands on again - for a definitive, undeniable result.

These fine athletes are in peak condition, Lon in pink trunks that hug and accentuate his muscular legs and Donnie in candy blue, looking dreamier with each passing year, more matinee idol than typical heel. Donnie can't stop himself from snidely commenting on Lon's pink gear. He pushes himself right up to Lon, towering over his head, his broad shoulders catching the overhead light. He looks down at his opponent and quips, "You don't look bad, kid, but look at me and, hm, look at you." Unfazed, Lon mocks Donnie's baby-blue entrance robe and complains about the big guy's breath. In a showy gesture of magnanimity, Donnie offers Lon "one free shot," pointing to the sharp, clean edge of his perfectly square jaw. Lon swings and Donnie dodges the blow, only to fatally pause at the mirror to flash his winner's smile before the always alert Lon clubs him from behind.

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Lon Dumont vs. Donnie Drake
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Lon starts to sag as Donnie works a sleeper variation

Pow! RIght to the kisser! Lon's sudden and stunning boot to the chin staggers big Donnie Drake

Donnie Drake - 6'1, 205

Donnie screams in agony as Lon snakes around him like an octopus in this 3-in-1 submission attempt

Donnie drives a knee into Lon's back while punishing him with this bow & arrow variation

Making illegal use of his entrance robe, Donnie traps muscleman Lon on the ropes

Donnie admires his handiwork as Lon grovels between his legs. Will he be the last man standing?

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