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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Drake Marcos

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 160 lbs

In his ring debut, Drake is swiftly broken over the ringmaster's outstretched knee, arms immobilized

Drake screams as he's lifted off the mat by his balls, the nasty heel's hand cocked for a nutbash

Jonny props Drake up like a safari hunting prize, flexing dominantly as he humps his exposed ass

Hoisting the bare-assed jobber in the air, Jonny prepares to piledrive the wannabe prostud

Innovation, Customization, and Wrestling Made-to-Order

It's impossible to please all wrestling fans all of the time. But this groundbreaking product comes as close as humanly possible to delivering just such an impossibility! From the most innovative wrestling producer in the business, BG East presents this entirely unique wrestling match that puts you in charge of plotting precisely what happens. Never before have you been given the opportunity to set the pace, direct the action, and craft a professional wrestling match made precisely to your specifications.

True, some elements of this match are outside of your control. For example, you have no control over the fact that Jonny Firestorm is looking hotter than ever! He's lean, but not too lean. He's hairy, but neatly trimmed. Jonny's muscles are toned and pumped to perfection, and his blue, pro-style trunks are stuffed tantalizingly, requiring him to persistently have to adjust his eye-catching bulge from time to time.

You also can't alter the fact that Jonny is facing handsome babyface Drake Marcos in his debut ring romp. Drake is long and lean and in the best shape of his life, which is a good thing considering he's being initiated by the wrestler voted BG East's Top Heel of 2012! Drake's eagerness and unadulterated pleasure in the carnal delights of erotic wrestling have made him a favorite with fans and, just as importantly, earned him the most powerful patron a rookie can have, the Boss himself. What was the Boss thinking, tossing his eager young pet into what Jonny insightfully refers to as "the lions den" to tackle the biggest challenge of his young wrestling career? That's a good question that Drake may want to ask his mentor, if there's anything left once Jonny gets done with him.

"Poor sucker doesn't know what he's getting himself into," Jonny mutters as he enters the ring, bouncing his pecs and adjusting his ample package. When the rookie arrives, Drake's patented grin stretches ear to ear as he circles the ring, surveys the scene and soaks in this watershed moment in his wrestling career. He's wearing designer undergear, a choice that instantly irks the brutal ring veteran who has little patience for boys in briefs. Drake has been picturing this moment for months. He has choreographed his first, confident climb over the top rope and into the ranks of BG East's ring wrestlers. Over the top rope, however, wasn't such a wise choice. Jonny kicks the rope as Drake straddles it, racking the rookie's balls and sending the stunned stud tumbling in instant agony into "the lion's den."

"There's a sucker born every minute," Jonny smirks. "Is this how you pictured your ring debut going?!" he spits at the writhing rookie with contempt. The first 5 minutes of Drake's drubbing are brutally and completely devastating. Chokes, stomps, trampling, suplexes, backbreakers. Drake is treated to an ass-whooping none can deliver quite like Jonny Firestorm. "Didn't Leopard tell you who you were fighting today?" Jonny demands, prying Drake's face upward by a fistful of hair. "No? Then you were set up! Jobber!"

- - - - - WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? - - - - - THAT'S ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! - - - - -
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Jonny Firestorm vs. Drake Marcos
41 minutes

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Drake's fate lies in your hands as Jonny tests out the kissing star's flexibility

Trapped in the drawbridge without an escape plan, Drake wails and bulges with the punishment

Drake Marcos - 5'10, 150 lbs

Jonny strongly urging Drake to reconsider this whole pro wrestling thing as he contorts his body

His brand new abs are target #1 for Jonny as he hangs the eager rookie in a tree of woe

The inexperienced ring rookie clings desperately to consciousness, but he's fading fast

The Cheshire grin is extinguished! Jonny pours every bit of strength into the figure-4 head scissors

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