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  Morgan Cruise vs. Tim Messina  

Morgan "Mastodon" Cruise-5'8, 175

Punishing neck crank

Morgan mounts Messina

Tim Messina racked by The Mastodon

A knee buried deep into TIm's spine adds intense pain to Morgan's mid-application boston crab

The Mastodon vs. The Mighty Mouse

Morgan Cruise is quickly becoming a wrestler who needs no introduction. Powering through one opponent after another in ever more awesome displays, The Mastodon is fast running out of wrestlers who can offer him a challenge, not that there were many to begin with. Clearly his intended opponent didn't feel up to the task, as our latest contender failed to show up after learning he would be climbing into the ring with none other than Morgan Cruise. Forced to find a last-minute replacement, we were surprised, to say the least, by the young lightweight professional wrestler who decided to rise to the occasion.

Tim Messina may not be the most impressive of physical specimens, but he's a pro of no small skill, and he's gotten quite used to going up against bigger and stronger wrestlers - as if he has any choice! What he lacks in strength he makes up for in speed, skill and surprising tactics, and he keeps the big men guessing while they try in vain to get a handle - and more - on him. But despite his scrappy nature and experience, we can't help but feel he's gotten in way over his head stepping up to take on wrestler like Cruise.

The Mastodon is clearly unimpressed, looking right past Messina at the mirror to admire his own muscles as he flexes before the match, only pausing to ask his latest soon-to-be conquest "You scared, boy?" The match starts as expected, Cruise slamming Tim down to the mat, showing his power and pausing between bodyslams to flex and pose. But Messina reminds us he's not to be underestimated, dodging Cruise's latest attack he delivers two kicks to The Mastodon's chin and scoops Cruise up for a bodyslam of his own!

Tim's already faring better than expected, though Cruise isn't about to let that last. Catching Messina off the ropes he slams him down to the mat before going to work on his back. Cruise is ready to start the match in earnest, and begins his work breaking down his opponent with cruel precision. From the mat to the ropes, Tim is pounded and stretched as his spine takes the brunt of The Mastodon's assault, and this is only the beginning.

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Morgan Cruise vs. Tim Messina
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Continuing the back attack, Morgan bends and rocks Tim over his knee

Morgan knows he's got Tim - and yes, it's as excruciating as it looks!

Tim Messina - 5'8, 143

Air Tim! Cruise about to get booted!

Tim Messina locked and loaded

A high bearhug has Tim howling

Crushing power of The Mastodon

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