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  Jonah Richards vs. Ken Okeda*

Jonah Richards - 5'9" 149 lbs

A snarling Kenny hooks a grimacing Jonah's leg as he straddles him in a commanding schoolboy

Kenny squirms and squeals in this dangerous predicament as Jonah checks out his package

The lightweight Asian twink manhandled in the ring as Jonah works a thong wedgie and hair pull

Kenny's back aches as prettyboy Jonah drags his prey up by his hair: "Get up, cunt!"

Physical Superiority / Sexual Domination: "You're going down, bitch!"

We've seen cute Jonah Richards wrestle in nearly a dozen hot 'n steamy matches for BG East, each one cockier and nastier than that last. And he's developed quite the fan following. We've seen his angelic, boy next-door baby face and every inch of his beautifully proportioned, long lean body embroiled in down and dirty mat combat. You've seen him irritate the hell out of one opponent after another with his smart-ass taunts, his oversized ego and his fearless, kamikaze-style assaults on unsuspecting victims. Jonah was painfully young, irreverently brash, and entirely overconfident in his self-professed 'destiny' to become a conquering star at BG East. But you've never seen Jonah like this! Because this is his first time Jonah as stepped through the ropes and into the ring!

And for this auspicious debut we have tossed Jonah's ring-virginal butt into the BGE ring with fellow twink rookie Kenny Okeda. This match is a trip down memory lane for Ken, as well. Before Aryx Quinn got his hands all over hot and limber Kenny in Jobberpalooza 7, and before any BG East fans ever laid eyes on the fierce and furious firecracker, Ken was a 19-year-old newbie who'd also never set foot in a wrestling ring. Back then, like Jonah, Ken was all promise and big dreams. And like Jonah, he had a cocky swagger, a hot twink look, a packed pair of trunks - and not the vaguest idea of what he was getting himself into when he laced up those boots and climbed into the crucible that is the BG East ring.

After the eager rookies compare stats (Jonah at 5'9", 150 pounds, 21 years old â?? Ken at 5'6", 128 pounds, 19 years old), Jonah reaches the conclusion that he's obviously about to squash Ken. "We'll see about that," Ken snaps back with just a note of anxiety that's hard to miss. Nursing that mammoth ego that no rookie has a right to possess, Jonah smirks at him and climbs into the ring. "You're going down, bitch." Moments like this are always very highly charged when you're not quite sure if the war of words will escalate to overt physical aggression. The anticipation of combat suddenly becomes titillating and tantalizing.

The wrestling is prototypically and tantalizingly "rookie." There's an innocent tentativeness about it at the start. Jonah lunges low for a take down, and Ken dances away awkwardly. They trade holds probingly, each rookie testing not only his opponent's weaknesses but discovering for the first time his own strengths. Jonah snaps those beautiful, lightly hairy legs around Ken's body and delights in discovering that he can make the Asian acrobat groan in agony. After a sudden twist of bodies and scramble of limbs, Ken reverses, applying his own bodyscissors and yanking viciously at Jonah's thick head of hair. "Who's going to win now, bitch!" Ken snarls furiously. It's getting personal AND sexy too!

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Jonah Richards vs. Ken Okeda*
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Long, lean, luscious legs clamp tightly, mercilessly around the midsection of the already aching boy

Down n' dirty Jonah not giving Okeda a break as he spreads him wide in a nut-clawing banana split

Ken Okeda - 5'6 123 lbs

Jonah clamps onto Okeda's knees and humps his ass, plastering Kenny to the canvas

"Submit, you little bitch!" Jonah in the driver's seat with a combination head scissors double arm b

Pain etched on his face, Kenny Okeda in a world of hurt in Jonah's neck-crunching chin lock

A handful of ring rookie meat, Jonah owns the action with a humiliating ball-grabbing dragon sleeper

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