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  Mason Brooks vs. Drake Marcos*  

Drake Marcos - 5'10, 150

Naughty Mason Brooks caught in the act of defacing a Drake Marcos' promotional photos

A sweat-soaked Mason clutches his ankle, ratcheting up the pressure in the headscissor variation

Mason immobilizes his kneeling, outmatched opponent's arms in a standing headscissors

With Marcos stripped and pinned, Mason reaches back, rubs Drake's own trunks in his face

Whose [Fan Base] is bigger?

Mason Brooks and Drake Marcos have more in common than either young hunk would like to admit. They both began wrestling with BG East around the same time. They're closely matched in height, weight and age, and both ambitious wrestlers are still waiting for their first victory in BG East competition. And despite the hard knocks suffered at the hands of prior opponents, both of these handsome hunks successfully generated a whole lot of online buzz, inspiring a fiercely loyal fan base following their sudden rise in the gay wrestling world. It should probably come as no surprise that they've been trading taunts and insults online for months. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say.

Drake's tenure so far has been bumpier, however. Not only has he been bested in every match, he's been severely brutalized. His most recent match against Jonny Firestorm was so completely devastating for Drake that it earned the trophy from BG East fans as the Best Squash of 2013. Charmed by his irrepressible smile and seemingly infinite capacity to soak up punishment, Drake's fans have adoringly dubbed him the "Cheshire Cat."

On the other hand, while Mason has yet to decisively dominate an opponent, he has never failed to earn his competitors' respect. He has also earned a following among fans who've been taken with his tenacity, hot body, and in particular, his nipples. Honestly, Mason's nipples seem to have their own fan club, and who are we to argue with hard core wrestling fans? His fans, like Mason, have got to be eyeing this match-up with one of the most notorious rookie jobbers as destined to be Mason's first check in the victory column.

Mason arrives in the mat room first and promptly posts a glossy promotional photo of Drake on the wall. "Property of Mason Brooks," he scribbles across the image of Drake's hardcore abs. "Look, I took one of your lovely photos and I fixed it for you," Mason smirks when Drake shows up. He promises Drake that it'll be worth more with Mason's name on it when he sells it online. Not amused, Drake promises retribution. "Now I'm going to take your trunks, and I'm going to sell them to my fans!"

Mason takes the early advantage, locking up his lean opponent in a neck wrenching full nelson. "You got fans? I've got fans!" Mason insists. "They're excited about my nipples. I think the word 'magical' was used." Furiously, Drake growls right back "I'm the prettier one!"

"I might give you that," Mason concedes. "Prettier suffering. Prettier taking a beating."

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Mason Brooks vs. Drake Marcos*
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Defeated Drake driven delirious with desire as a sexy, sweaty, smug Mason sensually pins his jobber

Mason can't help but smirk as he punishes the pretty boy 'star' in a sexy in-the-buff torture rack

Mason Brooks - 5'9, 150

Drake tied up tight in Mason's quads as he cranks on a humiliating figure four headscissors

So many layers of control: Drake is shut down length and limb, all the way down to his nips

A laughing Mason claws at Drake's white-clad bulge while keeping his long legs spladled

Ouch! Grunts, cries & sweat mingle as Drake is wrenched back in a shoulder dislocating camel clutch

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