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  Bobby Horton vs. Lucky Loko  

Bobby Horton - 6'2, 225 lbs

Big, beefy Bobby's biceps bear down on a rear naked choke as lean Lucky Loko squirms in desperation

Bobby forces the air from Lucky's lungs, a big shoulder barrelling deep into his slender midsection

Double-serving of pain: A nasty, rope-assisted nelson with a pulverizing knee to the lower back

Bobby's big, bulging, body-breaking muscles loom dominantly over Lucky with a brutal double abclaw

Lucky Star

Lucky Loko is a longhaired wild child with more ink on his body than in most Sunday newspapers. He doesn't shy away from taking on much larger, heavier wrestlers (i.e. Austin Cooper and Dev Michaels) so 99.9% of his "luck" consists of survival. In light of this lack of caution, the "loco" part of the name is probably self-explanatory. That he not only survives but delivers stiff chops and hard kicks along the way is what raises Lucky above the typical jobber role and sometimes makes him hard for fans (and opponents) to peg.

A few weeks ago when we asked him which wrestler he'd like to face off against next, Lucky shrugged his shoulders noncommittally and said, "I'll fight anybody who thinks he can take me." When the newly shorn and infinitely more beefy Bobby Horton enters the fight space and first lays eyes on Loko, his dismissive response ("Seriously? This is what they give me?") is something Lucky Loko has heard a thousand times before.

While his massive opponent paces the periphery, shaking his head in mockery and disbelief, Lucky approaches the ropes, daring Horton to step in the ring with him. Bobby climbs up on the apron and leans in, bending the top rope under his massive torso. "I'm gonna work you like you've never been worked before," he promises. "Oh yeah?" replies Lucky, unflinching and getting right up into big Bobby's face. "Get in here and prove it." Horton continues the big talk all the way into the ring, but when the fight starts, it's Lucky who's the initiator, storming in on the big boy with both boot and fist.

It's an impressive opener, lightning fast and full of heart and heat, startling the big guy and forcing him back a step or two. But Big Bobby recovers and retaliates with a hard right that flattens Lucky to the mat. Adding insult to injury, Bobby hurls Lucky against the turnbuckle, pulls his head back by his long hair, and bitch-slaps him before planting his knee into the kid's abs with the full force of his body behind it. For poor Lucky, Bobby Horton must look like Friday the 13th, a cracked mirror, a black cat, and the evil eye, all rolled into one.

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Bobby Horton vs. Lucky Loko
30 minutes
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Lucky displays shades of masochism, his golden gear bulging in response to the kneeling surfboard

Horton's prey on display, cranked sadistically in a bow-and-arrow designed to break the prettyboy

Lucky Loko - 5'7, 145 lbs

Unlucky Lucky trapped in the ropes; Bobby using his knee like a battering ram to the shoulder blades

Bobby grins with maniacal, malicious glee, tearing viciously into the abs of his rope-bound victim

A cry to Heaven: Lucky howls, suffering helplessly in a backbreaking bearhug high in the corner

Lovely, lean Lucky suffers in the corner as big, bully Bobby stomps away at his lower abs

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