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  Skip Vance vs. Steven Ponce*  

Steven Ponce- 5'6", 150 lbs

Skip claws and tries to free himself from the rear naked choke

Skip talks shit and squeezes his legs tight in a sleeper bodyscissor combo

A mutual bearhug between the two X-Fighters brings their lust boiling to the surface

Ponce chomping at the bit to get to the skinny blonde's ass

Skip Gets Serious

Last we saw Skip, he and Cristian Taylor tried and failed to overcome Morgan Cruise. Instead, the Mastodon toyed with the two boys the way a cat bats around two helpless mice. Now, no man can be blamed for coming up short against a heel the likes of The Alpha Male, but everyone has their humiliation limit. For Skip, it seems losing despite a two on one advantage - and losing badly and erotically at that - has stirred something deep inside him. He's come back with something to prove: the same smile still spread across his face, but with a fire in his eyes and a hint of menace in his voice. This twink is looking for a scrap, and a chance to prove his potential as well as his passions.

Ponce returns from a decidedly demonstrative session with new Dark Knights entrant Ray Dalton. We saw him forced by sheer power to truly give himself over to another man, mind and body. Submission to a leather dominator like Dalton can be an enlightening experience. Ponce could likely tell many a story of what occurred after he was led away by the victorious Ray that night, but it seems all the more likely we are about to see exactly what he has learned under the experienced master's tutelage. He certainly carries a confident air as he stares down the now-serious Skip, even laughing as the quintessential blond twink shoves his chest and growls, "Do you know who I am?" Perhaps Ponce knows exactly how to put the lithe, little scrapper in his place, and Skip can only hope his new threatening tone and rough greeting can stir something else in the recently humbled Ponce.

The action goes from seductive and playful to brutally determined and back again. Both men really want to claim victory. At every moment the sexual domination subtext is writ large: humiliating crotch to face pins plop swelling baskets over faces, asses get spanked and used as weapons, jockstraps are revealed as trunks are used as a human bit before kisses and nipple worship show both these guys getting carried well beyond their initial intentions into a whole new world of options. But let's not get ahead of ourselves because there is plenty to savor in this battle for 'top'man...

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Skip Vance vs. Steven Ponce*
25 minutes

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Skip bulges in a schoolboy pin, clawing his opponent's package

Scrappy Skip forces Ponce to look him in the eyes as his legs snap tight around his ribs

Skip Vance- 5'6", 142 lbs

Ponce gets innovative with a back-wrecking reversed camel clutch variation

Ponce grins lasciviously, slapping Skip's ass as he strips him of his gear

Skip in familiar territory as Ponce works his tool in his face

Skip looms dominantly over his supplicating challenger

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