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  Jake Jenkins vs. Morgan Cruise

Heel Morgan Cruise- 5'8", 170 lbs

Thick biceps crush Jake's lean body in a breath-stealing bearhug

Jake's back bends perilously in the Mastodon's powerful grip

Jake can only pray for mercy as the Mastodon piledrives him head-first into the canvas

Cruise carts his battered, exhausted opponent around the ring in a fireman's carry

Beaten, broken, bulging babyface brought low

Barefoot Beauty and the Booted Beast -- in the Squared Circle

Many think Jake Jenkins is the best babyface on the wrestling scene today, mainstream or underground: fully capable of winning almost any match he's in, yet absolutely compelling in pain and humiliation, too. Like any heel worth his salt, Morgan Cruise has long wanted a crack at the young man the fans see as sexy, enigmatic yet boy-next-door relatable. What better matchup to launch Barefoot Babyfaces, BG East's newest series, than the macho poser "The Mastodon" taking on the fan-favored golden boy! Morgan literally cannot wait to get at the ripped morsel, grabbing Jake's bare feet from outside of the ring and pulling them out from under him. Jake lands hard on that lovely face of his, and in seconds Morgan is smashing the small of his back with the heel of his big boot. It's a major mismatch, at least on paper.

Whether choking Jake on the bottom rope, his kneecap digging into the nape of the babyface's neck, or delivering one stiff chop after another across the young stud's mouth, Morgan never betrays even a hint of normal human emotion, delivering every taunt and declaring every malicious intent in the same sinister monotone. It's enough to make you stand up and cheer when Jake, after taking a couple of minutes of Morgan's unconscionable abuse, lands a high sweeping kick to the side of the villain's face, dropping him to his knees. Morgan is barely back on his feet when Jake flattens him again with an impeccable head-scissors takedown. A spinning mule kick to the chest plops The Mastodon on his butt, and a dropkick thrusts him into the ropes. A deftly executed hurricanrana puts Morgan down for the three count. All this action tucked neatly into just 35 breathtaking seconds!

Not liking the feeling of his masculinity being challenged or his balls shrinking down to the size of peas, Morgan strikes back with vicious intensity. Morgan's clothesline swats Jake down to the mat. The heel pulls Jake up by his shaggy brown hair and bashes his forehead to the turnbuckle. "How dare you!" Morgan is seething as he yanks our hero up by a fistful of hair, threatening to "rearrange that pretty face ... bit ... by bit." And it's Jenkins' boyish face that Morgan zeroes in on, with a knee jab to the eye socket that leaves Jake writhing on the mat. But scrapper that he is, Jenks isn't going down without a fight, getting as low and dirty as it takes to pay the self-proclaimed Mastodon back.

Buckle up for some of the dirtiest fighting we at BG East have seen in a long, long while ... and all the body slams, stomps, double-fisted sledgehammers, chokes, claw holds, piledrivers, bear hugs, and other bodily insults that can possibly be squeezed into 29 minutes! This is definitely NOT the one-sided beatdown that Morgan hoped for when he signed on the dotted line. No one gets out of this ring unscathed, as the barefoot hero comes up against the classic cheating villain. The fury bubbles over as we near the savage knockout that ends this match with astounding suddenness!

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Jake Jenkins vs. Morgan Cruise
29 minutes

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Incoming! Brutal bastard Cruise throws Jenkins facefirst into the unforgiving turnbuckle

The cracks begin to show in Jake's offense as the heel battles free of the figure-4 headlock

Jenkins shows his mettle, rolling the hairy heel up for a shock pin

The heel of the Mastodon crushes the face of the high-flyer

Cruise uses every inch of the ring as he curls the pretty boy's spine around the ringpost

An enraged Mastodon works a vicious leg nelson

Super-Babyface Jake Jenkins- 5'7" 155 lbs

The heel stretches and brutalizes Jake's back

A full nelson bears down on Jake's neck as he gets yanked off his bare feet

A vicious curbstomp royally fucks up the handsome features of the battered babyface

Morgan watches in satisfaction as he chokes Jake over the rope

Morgan enjoys one fall's victory pose on the bulging barefoot babyface

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