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  Lane Hartley vs. Mister E

Lane Hartley, 6'10 215 lbs. of uncharacteristic anger

Lane tears at Mister E's mask

Lane proves he's not above kicking a man when he's down as he drives a fist to E's ribs

Lane disdainfully crushes his masked foe under his boot

Lane cracks the whip on his cowering opponent, wailing away at him from behind

With a leg hook, Lane whip carries the jobber to the canvas

Blood, Sweat and a River of Tears

Masked Mister E made a big impression on fans in his debut in Austin Cooper's Wrestler Spotlight. Of course, Austin made an even bigger impression all over the hot Asian hunk's lean, muscled body. To the edges of terror and back, it took some convincing to talk the masked mystery man back into the ring, but the aspiring pro wrestler couldn't deny the siren song of professional wrestling glory for long.

When it comes to professional wrestling glory, Lane Hartley is at the top of his game. The rising indy pro star has the classic handsomeness, innate athleticism, and raw, physical power to intimidate the biggest and baddest we've got to throw at him. So when he finds Mister E in the ring for his next match, Lane is understandably underwhelmed. A full 40 pounds lighter than Lane and obviously a slack jawed rookie, the masked stud barely registers on the indy pro's radar.

Helpfully, Lane points to Mister's "untied" laces. When the masked hunk looks down (rookie mistake), the pro bruiser attacks mercilessly. Unleashing a fury of high impact offense, the likes of which you have never seen in such intimate detail, Lane pounds the lightweight stud into the mat relentlessly. Suplex after suplex, the masked wrestler's lower back drives again and again into the unforgiving ring mat. A savage chop to the chest leaves a bright red handprint across the smooth chest of the breathless rookie. Hoisted up effortlessly in a fireman's carry, Lane parades the rookie's limp body around the ring like a load of dirty laundry, before slamming him carefully and deliberately onto his right shoulder. Mister E bounces up to a seated position only to take a savage kick to the face that flattens him right back down again.

This match is not for the faint of heart. We get a glimpse of the depths of depravity and total disregard for basic human dignity that lies in the cold, dark, hollow spot where Lane's heart ought to be. Piledrivers and bodyslams tenderize the rookie with such force that Mister E's mask nearly rattles right off his head. Lane tramples the lean hunk's beautiful body underfoot. He stomps him mercilessly in the face, and then turns around and rages at the poor chump when Mister E's bloody nose spills a few drops on Lane's shiny boots.

It's not as if Mister E refuses to submit. He taps out in a panic over and over. He begs for mercy. If he could peel himself off the mat he would have fled the arena ages ago. Technically speaking, the match is over seconds in. The real mystery is just how far into the depths will Lane drag the masked rookie's battered carcass. How many tears, how many pleas to end Mister E's suffering will the raging indy pro ignore? And when Lane decides this is all good and done, and not a moment before, will there be anything left of the rookie to scrape off the mat?!

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Lane Hartley vs. Mister E
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A rope-bound Mister E cries for mercy as his torturer batters his helpless form

Lane whips Mister E over violently in a picture-perfect suplex

A softball-sized bicep crushes Lane's overmatched victim's skull in a chinlock variation

Lane carries the wasted body of his masked opponent across his broad shoulders

Lane heaves his broken opponent's body over his shoulder for a sidewalk slam!

Lane snags the jobber by his skull to hurtle him across the ring

Mister E, 5'10, 175 lbs. of mystery

E holds the back of his skull, denied recovery time as Lane drags him up for more

Mister E writhes helplessly as he's maneuvered into a stump-puller variation

Lane bends the conquered, broken body of Mister E in ways it wasn't intended to

Kneeling, Mister E tries to battle back and prevent an armhook

Mister E takes a knee to his masked visage

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