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  Exavier vs. Braden Charron  

Exavier - 5'9", 185 lbs

Exavier wrecks the bodybuilder's back with a kneeling surfboard

Exavier arches with an up-and-over suplex to the mat

Braden carts the howling heel in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker

Braden rolled up in a neck-crunching, crotch-ripping spladle

Exavier flexes victoriously over the broken-down bodybuilder

Sometimes It Hurts to Pose

If Exavier has shown one thing throughout his tenure at BG East, it's that he needs to be the center of attention. If he's shown two or three things, it's that he's got the physique to get what he wants, and he will play dirty if all that's not enough. So when he walks into the arena and finds Braden Charron flexing in the center of the ring, he immediately wants to steal that spotlight. In his eyes, he's the one and only pro hunk who should be standing in the ring. Both these men are at the heights of their young muscularity!

Walking around the ring to get between the mirror and Braden, Exavier starts his own posing routine. Looking over his shoulder at baffled bodybuilder Braden, he can't help but let fly with the snarky quips that he tries to frame as genuine concern. "If you're trying to pose, you're doing it all wrong. Come over here and I'll show you what to do." Now, Braden is certainly no slouch when it comes to muscles and posing them, competing in national bodybuilding competitions. This match is from his earlier period at BGE, when he was still a nice, trusting guy! He would soon learn, but taking Exavier at his word here and heading over for some of that friendly advice, he's completely blind-sided by a cheap gutshot through the ropes that sends him reeling. "Oldest trick in the book, big guy!"

Trapping Braden in the corner, tying his arms in the ropes, Exavier continues his flexing lesson by planting his boot in Braden's chest and forcing his tied up arms to flex to their limit. Releasing Braden, you can tell Exavier means business by the solid boot imprint clearly visible on Braden's chest! But Charron's musclebod had taken plenty of beatings by now, and he fights back with a resilience that catches Exavier off guard. Braden picks him up like he weighs nothing at all before slamming him down, only to pick him up for a repeat performance. A winded Exavier actually sounds impressed! "Can't pose for shit but does know how to throw someone around."

Braden takes a quick second to bask in his baby face advantage and throw out a few hot poses, but it's a second too long as Exavier slams his boot into those fantastic abs. Exavier treats Braden to agonizing ab stretches, an ab claw, elbows, and some posing of his own as he stands on Braden's gut, leaving yet another clearly defined bootprint! He's determined to turn Braden's abs to mush.

Suplexed, bear hugged, and slammed, Braden uses his muscle power to escape and won't stop fighting back. Hoisted again, Charron slips behind Exavier and lifts him into a bone-crushing backbreaker! Braden escapes many of Exavier's painful pro punishers, but, still young and naive, he not only continues to take too-long breaks to pose, but he actually believes Exavier's cries for mercy, a ploy that ends with his fist firmly planted into Braden's meaty package. Later, a hard-bought victory pose ends with Braden being laid low by ANOTHER vicious low-blow!

Exavier gets the advantage as Braden poses yet again, but this time he doesn't plan to let it slip through his fingers. Another punch to Charron's cock and balls, followed by a savage crotch-splitting spladle, drives that point squarely home! Throughout the match, Exavier keeps finding new ways to 'help' Braden pose and show off those muscles. There's the bow-and-arrow, which helps Braden show off those abs; the inverted surfboard, which definitely helps with his muscle flex ability. Exavier shows the poser how to incorporate your surroundings in your routine, like trying to fold Charron in half across the ring post. And when Exavier's finally all done helping his new buddy, he leaves him tied up in the ropes in a permanent pose that's sure to win over the judges. This is definitely a lesson that Braden won't soon forget!

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