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  Chet Chastain vs. Brice Moore  

Chet Chastain - 5'10, 185 lbs

Chet delivers a curbstomp to Moore's midsection

Brice cranks up the pressure of his tight ab stretch

Brice laid wide open for Chet's fist-to-gut onslaught

A crippling camel clutch contorts Chet's spine and stretches his abs

Chet makes a last stand, provoking "Big Mamma" with a pull on his bikini trunks

Nobody Can Hurt You Like Your Ex-Partner

Chet Chastain chuckles when he sees his on-again, off-again tag team partner Brice Moore arrive at ringside. "Look who finally decided to show up!" Chet smirks. Chet and Brice have had a long standing love/hate relationship, with a heavy dose of "hate" lately souring the partnership. It's tough to squeeze two egos this massive into just one magnificently muscled, sensationally sexy tag team. Sure, they are a devastating combination when wrestling out of the same corner, but then the intramural fight inevitably breaks out as they argue over which one of them the fans are cheering for loudest.

"You have shitty abs," Brice gets straight to the point. He promises that in a gut bash battle, his magnificently ripped 6-pack will put Chet's mere "4-pack" to shame. Chet doesn't rise to the bait, but you can see the barb get under his flawless skin. He loves the sight of his own stunningly sexy body, hard as iron in his tight teal trunks. But he's always harbored a hard case of envy when it comes to his tag partner's beautiful, crystal cut, iron clad abs.

They trade gut punches to start to settle this score once and for all. Unfazed by Chet's opening salvo, Brice flexes right in his face: "I'm a specimen!" he boasts, "I'm Big Mama!" "Big Mama?!" Chet laughs, tossing him into a corner and reigning down non-stop ab abuse: stomps, shoulder blocks, and the heel of Chet's boot digging deep into his ex-partner's gut. This sucks the air right out of Brice's bravado. "Where's your 6-pack now, Big Mama? I can't see it, because it's getting smashed under my boot!"

There's a quality of wrestling, and a depth of dirty tricks, that only a divorced indy pro tag team can bring to a match like this. Mouthwatering muscles get pounded across every inch of the ring. Balls get crushed. One raging wrestler attempts to rip his opponent's rectus abdominis out with his teeth! Two of the hottest, most handsomely paired wrestling bodies in the business get pulverized as this 'friendly rivalry' turns horribly vicious. When Brice gets the upper hand, commanding Chet to do sit-ups to get his "shitty abs" into better shape, the goateed stud initially refuses. "Do you like your balls!?" Big Mamma screams, stomping savagely between Chet's legs. "I like my balls!" Chet screams back, quickly pumping out obedient stomach crunches.

The momentum in this match teeters back and forth on a razor's edge, as each of these two evenly matched, equally experienced, intimately familiar wrestlers is determined to prove once and for all who's the dead weight in this shattered partnership. No one is leaving the ring until just one of these raging studs is worn down to the nub, screaming in submission, weeping in anguish, and forced to watch his own humiliation staring back at him in the mirror. "Now who's screaming like a bitch?" the victor smirks, burying the hatchet right in his ex-partner's destroyed abs.

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Chet Chastain vs. Brice Moore
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Using the ropes for leverage, Brice tortures Chet in a painful full leg nelson

Brice draws screams from Chet, as he pounds Chet's stretched and exposed abs

Chet rockets forward and buries his shoulder deep in his opponent's six pack abs

Chet's powerful quads grind his foe's core in a bodycissors

A Russian gas pedal puts a hurtin' on "Big Mama"

The battle of the ab claws comes to an impasse

Brice Moore - 5'10, 170 lbs

Chet lays into Brice's gut with a series of big boots

Brice concentrates the pressure with a knee to Chet's gut and a nasty neck crank

Chet slows down his partner with a low clothesline--right to that six-pack!

Chet works his belly buster on his trapped and suffering ex-partner

A rope-bound Chet is helpless to stop Brice's deep-digging ab claw

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